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Chemical Antigens, Neoplasm

Name Antigens, Neoplasm
Equivalent Terms Antigens, Tumor | Neoplasm Antigens | Tumor Antigens
Definition Proteins, glycoprotein, or lipoprotein moieties on surfaces of tumor cells that are usually identified by monoclonal antibodies. Many of these are of either embryonic or viral origin.
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Antigens, Neoplasm Has associated genes Has associated diseases Has associated phenotype references
  1700008F21Rik protein, mouse
  22-1-1 antigen
  4B5 antigen
  4-O-acetyl-N-glycolylneuraminyl lactosylceramide
  A6H antigen
  AD034 antigen, human
  adenocarcinoma antigen recognized by T cells-1
  adenoma-associated antigen glycoprotein 87, human
  AK-5 antigen
  anti-5T4 antibody-monomethylauristatin conjugate
  antigen BLA.36, human
  antigen CYFRA21.1
  antigen G250
  antigenic protein, guerin epithelioma, neoplasm
  antigen LG2-C, human
  antigen p102
  antigen p200
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View node Antigens, Viral, Tumor Has associated genes Has associated diseases Has associated phenotype references
  ARID4B protein, human
  B5 antigen
  BAGE2 protein, human
  BAGE3 protein, human
  BAGE4 protein, human
  BAGE5 protein, human
  BAGE protein, human
View node Basigin
  beta1-meconial antigen
  bladder tumor-associated antigen
  BLCA-1 protein, human
  blocking factor
  brain-associated small-cell lung cancer antigen
  breast cancer antigen NY-BR-1, human
  breast cancer-associated antigen 200, human
  CA153 protein, human
  CA215 antigen, human
  CA9 protein, human
  CAB39L protein, human
  CAGE1 protein, human
  cancerocerebral antigen, human
  cancer testis antigen NXF2, human
  cancer-testis antigen P1A, mouse
  cancer-testis antigen POTEE, human
View node Carbonic Anhydrase IX
View node Carcinoembryonic Antigen
  carcinoma-associated antigen 17-1A
  CASA antigen
  CCDC110 protein, human
  CCDC34 protein, human
  CD248 protein, human
  CD248 protein, mouse
View node CD24 Antigen
  CD37 protein, human
  Cd37 protein, mouse
  Cd37 protein, rat
View node CD52 Antigen
  CDCP1 protein, mouse
  CDCP1 protein, rat
  CEACAM19 protein, human
  Cep290 protein, human
  clusterin-associated protein 1, human
  colon cancer-specific antigen 2, human
  colon-ovarian tumor antigen, human
  colon-specific antigen
  colorectal carcinoma-associated antigen, human
  colorectal tumor-associated antigen, human
  common chronic lymphatic leukemia antigen gp69, human
  Cora antigen
  CSAG1 protein, human
  CT45A1 protein, human
  CT47A11 protein, human
  CT7 antigen, human
  CTAG1B protein, human
  CTAG2 protein, human
  CTAGE5 protein, human
  CTAGE5 protein, mouse
  DSCR8 protein, human
  DSE protein, human
  DU-PAN-2 antigen, human
  early prostate cancer antigen-2, human
  early prostate cancer antigen, human
  EBAG9 protein, human
  EBAG9 protein, mouse
  EGP314 antigen
View node Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule
  EXOSC5 protein, human
View node Folate Receptor 1
  formalinized extracellular antigen
  GAGE1 protein, human
  GAGE2A protein, human
  GAGE7 protein, human
  gamma-fetal antigen
  gastro-intestinal mucus-associated antigens
  glycoprotein 40 antigen, human
  glycoprotein GP37
  HAGE protein, mouse
  hairy cell leukemia antigen p35, human
  HBA-71 tumor antigen
  HCA66 protein, human
  HCA66 protein, mouse
  HCC-22-5 antigen, human
  HepPar-1 protein, human
  HMGN2P46 protein, human
  HPR protein, human
  Id tumor-specific protein, mouse
  integrin alphavbeta6
  interspecific embryonic antigen-1
  Ki-1 Antigen
  KIAA1632 protein, human
  kita-kyushu lung cancer antigen 1, human
  KLHDC2 protein, human
  KU-BL-1 antigen, human
  KU-BL-2 antigen, human
  KU-MEL-1 antigen
  L3p40-50 antigen
  leukemoembryonic antigens
  LGALS3BP protein, human
  LIPI protein, human
  LUZP4 protein, human
  LX-1 antigen
  Ma2 antigen
  MAGE-9 antigen, human
  MAGE-A10 antigen
  MAGEA10 protein, human
  MAGEA11 protein, human
  MAGEA12 protein, human
  Mage-a2 antigen
  MAGEA3 protein, human
  MAGEA3 protein, mouse
  MAGEA4 protein, human
  MAGEA6 protein, human
  MAGEA6 protein, mouse
  MAGEA9 protein, human
  MAGEB1 protein, human
  MAGEB2 protein, human
  Mageb2 protein, mouse
  Mageb3 protein, mouse
  MAGEB4 protein, human
  MAGEC1 protein, human
  MAGEC2 protein, human
  MAGED1 protein, human
  MAGED2 protein, human
  MAGE-E1 antigen, human
  MAGEF1 protein, human
  Magel2 protein, mouse
  Mage-X protein, human
  male breast tumor associated antigen 72 kDa, human
  malignancy-associated nucleolar antigen, human
  mammary carcinoma antigen
  mammary serum antigen, human
  Marek's disease tumor-associated surface antigen, avian
  MART-2 protein, human
  Melan-A 51-73 peptide
  melanoma-associated cell surface protein, 55-kDa, human
  melanoma-associated proteoglycan antigen, human
View node Melanoma-Specific Antigens
  MELOE-1 antigen, human
  MELOE-2 antigen, human
  Meth A sarcoma-associated rejection antigen, mouse
  MG7 antigen, human
  MGEA5 protein, human
  MGr1-antigen, human
  MMSA-1 antigen, human
  MOK protein, human
  multiple myeloma special antigen-8, human
  myeloma-associated membrane antigen KMA
  NA88-A antigen
  NB-p260 antigen
  NCC-ST-421 antigen
  NEMF protein, human
View node Neprilysin
  Nova2 protein, mouse
  NUDCD1 protein, human
  NY-CO16 antigen, human
  NY-ESO-1 protein, human (91-110)
  NY-SAR-35 antigen, human
  oncofetal antigens
  organ-specific neoantigen
  osteosarcoma-associated antigen
  ovarian tumor associated antigen
  P7 antigen, human
  PAGE1 protein, human
  PAGE2 protein, human
  PAGE4 protein, human
  PAM4 protein, human
  pancreas-specific antigen
  pancreatic associated antigen, SPan-1
  pancreatic cancer-associated antigen MUSE11
View node Pancreatitis-Associated Proteins
  PARIS-1 antigen
  PASD1 protein, human
  PCA-1 antigen, human
  PCC4 embryonic antigen
  periphilin protein, mouse
  PHF20 protein, human
  PNMA5 protein, human
  POTE-2alpha protein, human
  POTE-2beta protein, human
  POTE-2gamma protein, human
  PPHLN1 protein, human
  PR92 antigen, human
  Pramel6 protein, mouse
  Pramel7 protein, mouse
  PRAME protein, human
  pRL1a protein, mouse
  prostate cancer antigen 3, human
View node Prostate-Specific Antigen
  PSCA protein, human
  Psca protein, mouse
  Psca protein, rat
  Q5 antigen, mouse
  RON3 protein, Plasmodium falciparum
  RS-DJ-1 antigen
  SAGE protein, human
  sarcoma glycoprotein gp96 rejection antigens
  SART1 protein, human
  Sart1 protein, rat
  SART3 protein, human
  SC142-reactive antigen, human
  SDCCAG3 protein, human
  SDCCAG3 protein, mouse
  SLC45A2 protein, human
  squamous cell carcinoma-related antigen
  STEAP1 protein, human
  Steap2 protein, mouse
  STEAP protein (262-270), human
  STEAP protein (86-94), human
  Steap protein, mouse
  TA90 immune complex
  Taa1 protein, mouse
  TAA90K protein, human
  TACSTD2 protein, human
  TAG 12
  TAK-B1 antigen
  TCC52 protein, human
  TDRD4 protein, human
  Tennessee antigen, human
  Tissue Polypeptide Antigen
  TLP protein, rat
  T-lymphoma membrane glycoprotein 90, mouse
  TMEM52B protein, human
  TMEM54 protein, human
  TRAPPC1 protein, human
  trifucosyl-Lewis-b antigen
  TROP2 protein, mouse
  trophoblast antigen 2, rat
  TSGF protein, human
  tumor antigen TA-4, human
  tumor-associated (2,3)-sialyl-T antigen
  tumor-associated antigen 72
  tumor-associated antigen, gp43
  tumor-associated fetal antigen, rat
  tumor-associated transplantation antigen
  tumor liberated protein, human
  tumor rejection antigen P815A, mouse
  TURP-27 antigen, human
  TXNDC16 protein, human
  UBC antigen
  UBXN11 protein, human
  UOEH-LC-1 antigen, human
  VSIG1 protein, human
  WDR46 protein, human
  XAGE1A protein, human
  ZNFX1 protein, human