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Chemical Antigens, Surface

Name Antigens, Surface
Equivalent Terms Antigen, Cell Surface | Antigens, Cell Surface | Antigen, Surface | Cell Surface Antigen | Cell Surface Antigens | Immunological Surface Markers | Immunologic Surface Markers | Markers, Immunological Surface | Markers, Immunologic Surface | Surface Antigen | Surface Antigen, Cell | Surface Antigens | Surface Antigens, Cell | Surface Markers, Immunologic | Surface Markers, Immunological
Definition Antigens on surfaces of cells, including infectious or foreign cells or viruses. They are usually protein-containing groups on cell membranes or walls and may be isolated.
Curation Status No gene interactions have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D000954
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Antigens, Surface Has associated diseases Has associated phenotype references
  29 kDa antigen, Entamoeba histolytica
  4D4 antigen
  6C6 antigen, human
  A51 antigen, Paramecium tetraurelia
  alpha 6p integrin
  alpha C protein, group B streptococci
  antigen 3G11, mouse
  antigen A2B7, honeybee
  antigen CD63b, human
  antigen Dlx-2
  antigen FORSE-1
View node Antigens, Differentiation Has associated phenotype references
View node Arrestin
View node B7 Antigens
  BA70 antigen, human
  betaE11 antigen, bovine
  blood dendritic cell antigen 3, human
  blood dendritic cell antigen 4, human
View node Blood Group Antigens
  Bst2 protein, rat
  C5 phagosomal antigen, Paramecium multimicronucleatum
  CD200R1 protein, human
  Cd207 protein, mouse
  CD300C protein, human
View node Cell Adhesion Molecules Has associated diseases
  chol-1 antigen
  Crry protein, rat
  CTAG2 protein, human
  cysteine-rich protein 170, Giardia
  cysteine-rich protein 72, Giardia
  disialosyl-T antigen, human
  EGP-2 antigen, human
  Elp protein, Echinococcus multilocularis
  ELY-1 antigen, horse
  ELY-2 antigen, horse
  EMILIN3 protein, human
  Emilin3 protein, zebrafish
  endothelial barrier antigen, rat
  endothelial cell-monocyte antigens
  epididymis-specific protein E, rat
  ETAA1 protein, human
  extra sheep E antigen, mouse
  FOLH1 protein, human
  GP 40-80 glycoprotein, human
  group B protective surface protein, S agalactiae
  H63 antigen
View node Histocompatibility Antigens
  K99 antigen
  K antigens
  kell-active proteins
  Ki-M9 protein, human
View node Leukocyte L1 Antigen Complex
  liver cell membrane specific antigen
  Lp antigen, sheep
  LsaA protein, Lawsonia intracellularis
  L-selectin counter-receptors
  Ly64 protein, mouse
  LY6E protein, human
  LY86 protein, human
  Ly86 protein, mouse
View node Lymphocyte Antigen 96
  lymphokine-activated cell-associated antigen
  Maged2 protein, mouse
  Marek's disease tumor-associated surface antigen, avian
  Md1 protein, zebrafish
  MECA-32 antigen, mouse
  MFGE8 protein, human
  Mfge8 protein, mouse
  MFGE8 protein, rat
  MFGE8 protein, Xenopus
  MGC3 protein, Mycoplasma gallisepticum
  Minor Lymphocyte Stimulatory Antigens
  MLR3 activation antigen
  M(M)120-1 antigen, mouse
  MMC4 antigen, rat
  Mts24 protein, mouse
  nephritis antigen, GP 90, mouse
  neural cell surface antigen D2, mouse
  NKPR-P1 protein, rat
  NMB 1994 antigen, rat
  NORM-2 antigen, mouse
  NPSA protein, human
  NZ-1 testis-specific antigen, mouse
  NZ-2 testis-specific antigen, human
  NZ-3 antigen, human
  OspA protein
  oval cell antigen, human
  P34B antigen, Mycoplasma
  p35 surface antigen, mouse
  P38 antigen, Mycoplasma
  P50 protein, Ehrlichia
  Pcd17 protein, mouse
  Pen5 antigen, human
  Prs16 antigen, Plasmodium reichenowi
  Pv200 antigen, P vivax
  Pvs25 protein, P vivax
  Pvs28 protein, P vivax
  Q5 antigen, mouse
  Ran 2 protein, rat
  regulator of G-protein signaling 22, human
  Rp105 protein, zebrafish
  rSMP-B protein, human
  S3a-related protein, Leishmania major
  SAGA-1 protein, human
  SPA17 protein, human
  SPAG11A protein, human
  SPAG11B protein, human
  SPAG11 protein, rat
  SPAG1 protein, human
  SPAG7 protein, human
  SPAG8 protein, human
  sperm antigen 80-kDa, human
  sperm maturation antigen 4, mouse
  SRS2 protein, Neospora caninum
  SSFA2 protein, human
  STEAP1 protein, rat
  STRO-1 antigen, human
  STRO-1 antigen, mouse
  STRO-1 antigen, rat
  surface antigen 8, Burkholderia pseudomallei
  surface antigen P2, Leishmania
  surface antigen protein, Leishmania
  T10 antigen, mouse
  TEC-21 antigen, rat
  testis-specific contraceptive vaccinogen, human
  TEX101 protein, mouse
  thrombomucin protein, Gallus
  Thsd7A protein, mouse
  TM-316 antigen, human
  TM4SF1 protein, human
  Tp92 antigen, Treponema pallidum
  Tpbg protein, mouse
  TRA-1-60 antigen, human
  TRA-1-81 antigen, human
View node Variant Surface Glycoproteins, Trypanosoma
  vlpB protein, Mycoplasma hyorhinis
  Vmp24 protein, Borrelia hermsii
  Vmp3 protein, Borrelia hermsii
  W7C5 antigen, mouse
  W8B2 protein, human
  XCS-1 protein, Xenopus
  ZADH2 protein, human