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Chemical Autoantigens

Name Autoantigens
Equivalent Terms Antigens, Autologous | Autologous Antigens | Self Antigens | Self-Antigens
Definition Endogenous tissue constituents that have the ability to interact with AUTOANTIBODIES and cause an immune response.
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MeSH® ID D001324
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Autoantigens Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  ASRGL1 protein, human
  Asrgl1 protein, rat
  autoantigen 1, Cavia porcellus
  autoantigen GW182, human
  CB antigen, nuclear
  CDR1 protein, human
  CDR2L antigen, human
  cell division autoantigen-1
View node Centromere Protein A
View node Centromere Protein B
  Cep250 protein, human
  Cha protein, Trypanosoma cruzi
  collagen type XVII
View node Desmoglein 1
View node Desmoglein 3
  DLAT protein, human
  Dlat protein, rat
  epidermolysis bullosa acquisita antigen
  FAM193A protein, human
  GAD65(370-575), human
  GOLGA3 protein, human
  Golga3 protein, mouse
  GOLGA4 protein, human
  Golga4 protein, mouse
  GOLGA6A protein, human
  Golgi antigen 372-kDa
  Golgi complex autoantigen, 97-kDa
  golgin-84, rat
  Golgin subfamily A member 2
  Gs2na protein, rat
View node Heymann Nephritis Antigenic Complex Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  Hom s 2 autoantigen, human
  HRES-1 p28 protein, human retroviral element
  ICA1 protein, human
  Ica1 protein, mouse
  Ica1 protein, rat
  islet 37k antigen
  islet 51k antigen, human
  islet 64k antigen
  JA antigen
  kallikrein 1b22, mouse
  KIAA0430 protein, human
  KIAA1524 protein, human
  KIAA1524 protein, mouse
  Ki antigen
  KLHL7 protein, human
  LA protein, human (349-364)
  liver antigen LA-1
  liver cytosol antigen type 1, human
  liver cytosol antigen type 1, rat
  LMOD1 protein, human
  LPLUNC1 protein, human
  MEA1 protein, human
  Mea1 protein, mouse
  melanin-associated antigen, rat
  metaphase chromosome protein 1, human
  Mi-2 protein, Drosophila
  mitochondrial antigen 36 kDa
  MRPS31 protein, human
  Mrps31 protein, mouse
View node Myelin-Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein
  NA14 nuclear autoantigen
  NALP5 protein, human
  NASPP1 protein, human
  NASP protein, human
  Nasp protein, mouse
  p140 autoantigen, human
  p542 autoantigen
  PCM1 protein, human
  placental antigen X-P2
  POP7 protein, human
  postmeiotic segregation increased 1 antigen, human
  primary biliary cirrhosis antigen 95k
  prostatic steroid binding protein, mouse
  rabbit sperm membrane autoantigen
  RegII protein, mouse
  rheumatoid arthritis nuclear antigen
  ric-19 protein, C elegans
  Ro60 autoantigen, Xenopus
  rop-1 protein, C elegans
  RPP30 protein, human
  RPP38 protein, human
  SC65 protein, human
  SC65 protein, mouse
  SDCCAG8 protein, human
  Sdccag8 protein, mouse
  Sdccag8 protein, rat
  seminal vesicle autoantigen
  SLC25A16 protein, human
  SMB protein, S cerevisiae
View node snRNP Core Proteins
  SOX13 protein, human
  Sox13 protein, mouse
  Sp100 protein, human
  Ssa2 protein, mouse
  SS-B antigen
  STRN3 protein, human
  Strn3 protein, mouse
  Sval3 protein, mouse
  testis-specific antigen 70, mouse
  testis-specific antigen 70, rat
  TNRC6A protein, zebrafish
  To autoantigen
  TPO protein, human
  TRIM68 protein, human
  trinucleotide repeat containing 6a protein, mouse
  TROVE2 protein, human
  type IV collagen alpha3 chain
  UACA antigen
  UACA antigen, bovine
  Wa antigen