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Chemical Fatty Acids, Essential

These are exposure studies associated with the chemical and all of its children.

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  Reference Associated Study Title Author's Summary Study Factors Stressor Receptors Country Medium Exposure Marker Measurements Outcome
1. Lundström SL, et al. (2011). Several of the altered oxylipins have known or suspected bronchoprotective or anti-inflammatory effects, suggesting a possible reduced anti-inflammatory response in asthmatics following exposure to subway air. disease Air Pollutants Controls for disease:Asthma | Subjects with disease:Asthma Sweden lung 12,13-epoxy-9- keto-10-octadecenoic acid | 12-Hydroxy-5,8,10,14-eicosatetraenoic Acid | 13-hydroxy-9,11-octadecadienoic acid | 13-Hydroxy-octadecatrienoic acid | 13-oxo-9,11-octadecadienoic acid | 15-hydroxy-5,8,11,13,17-eicosapentaenoic acid | 15-hydroxy-5,8,11,13-eicosatetraenoic acid | 15-hydroxyeicosatrienoic acid | 15-keto-5,8,11,13-eicosatetraenoic acid | 17-hydroxy-4,7,10,13,15,19-docosahexaenoic acid | 5,6-epoxy-8,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid | 5-hydroxy-6,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid | 8,9-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid | 9,10,13-trihydroxyoctadec-11-enoic acid | 9,12,13-trihydroxy-10-octadecenoic acid | 9-hydroxy-10,12-octadecadienoic acid | 9-oxo-10,12-octadecadienoic acid | ALOX15 | Dinoprostone | Leukotriene B4 | PPARG | Prostaglandin D2 | PTGS1 | PTGS2 | Thromboxane B2 Details negative regulation of inflammatory response | oxylipin biosynthetic process
2. Virtanen JK, et al. (2014). Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD) Serum long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids concentration, an objective biomarker for fish intake, was associated with long-term lower risk of type 2 diabetes. diet alpha-Linolenic Acid | Docosahexaenoic Acids | docosapentaenoic acid | Fatty Acids, Omega-3 | Mercury Study subjects Finland hair Mercury Details Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
3. Kamel F, et al. (2014). Agricultural Health Study (AHS) | Farming and Movement Evaluation Study (FAME) Polyunsaturated fatty acid intake was consistently associated with lower Parkinson's disease (PD) risk, and dietary fats modified the association of PD risk with pesticide exposure. alpha-Linolenic Acid | Fatty Acids | Fatty Acids, Unsaturated | Paraquat | Rotenone Controls for disease:Parkinson Disease | Subjects with disease:Parkinson Disease | Workers United States Details Agricultural Workers' Diseases | Parkinson Disease
4. Chen C, et al. (2007). Long-term exposure to Ozone is associated with elevated 8-isoprostane (8-iso-PGF), which suggests that 8-iso-PGF is a good biomarker of oxidative damage related to air pollution. Nitrogen Dioxide | Ozone | Particulate Matter Study subjects United States air | blood 8-isoprostaglandin F1alpha | Nitrogen Dioxide | Ozone | Particulate Matter Details
1–4 of 4 results.