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Chemical Kallikreins

Name Kallikreins
Equivalent Terms alpha Kallikrein | alpha-Kallikrein | beta Kallikrein | beta-Kallikrein | beta Kallikrein B | beta-Kallikrein B | Callicrein | Dilminal | Enzyme, Kinin-Forming | Kallidinogenase | Kalliginogenase | Kallikrein | Kallikrein A | Kallikrein B' | Kallikrein Light Chain | Kinin Forming Enzyme | Kinin-Forming Enzyme | Kininogenase | Light Chain, Kallikrein | Padutin
Definition Proteolytic enzymes from the serine endopeptidase family found in normal blood and urine. Specifically, Kallikreins are potent vasodilators and hypotensives and increase vascular permeability and affect smooth muscle. They act as infertility agents in men. Three forms are recognized, PLASMA KALLIKREIN (EC, TISSUE KALLIKREIN (EC, and PROSTATE-SPECIFIC ANTIGEN (EC
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MeSH® ID D007610
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  AHP-Ka, Agkistrodon halys pallas
  alpha 2-macroglobulin-kallikrein complex
  blarinasin protein, Blarina brevicauda
  epidermal growth factor binding protein, mouse
  kallikrein (11-23)
  kallikrein 1b22, mouse
  kallikrein 21, mouse
  kallikrein 24, mouse
  kallikrein (328-343)
  kallikrein 4
  kallikrein 5, human
  Kallikrein, Decreased Urinary Activity of
  kallikrein Klk21
  kallikrein-like protein S3
  kallikrein-related peptidase 3, human
  KLK10 protein, human
  KLK12 protein, human
  KLK13 protein, human
  KLK14 protein, human
  KLK15 protein, human
  Klk15 protein, mouse
  Klk1b22 protein, mouse
  Klk26 protein, mouse
  Klk27 protein, mouse
  KLK2 protein, human
  KLK4-205, human
  KLK5 protein, human
  Klk5 protein, mouse
  KLK6 protein, human
  KLK7 protein, human
  Klk7 protein, mouse
  KLK8 protein, human
  KLK9 protein, human
  Klk9 protein, mouse
View node Prekallikrein
  prokallikrein, tissue
  proteinase D
  proteinase P
  Prss18 protein, mouse
  Prss19 protein, mouse
  T-kininogenase, antigen gamma light chain protein, rat