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Chemical Lymphokines

Name Lymphokines
Equivalent Terms Lymphocyte Mediators | Mediators, Lymphocyte
Definition Soluble protein factors generated by activated lymphocytes that affect other cells, primarily those involved in cellular immunity.
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MeSH® ID D008222
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Lymphokines Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  allogenic effect factor
  antigen-specific helper factors
  blastogenic factor
  chemotactic inhibitory factor
  cholestatic factor
  concanavalin A-induced helper factors
  eosinophil stimulating promoter
  fibroblast migration inhibitory factor
  fibroblast stimulating factor-1
  Fv protein, human
  giant cell protein, human
  glia cell stimulating factor
  glycosaminoglycan-stimulating factor
View node Interleukin-2 Has associated diseases
  immune system released activating agent, mouse
  immunoglobulin-binding factors
  interleukin 2 inhibitor
  leukocyte inhibitory factor
View node Leukocyte Migration-Inhibitory Factors
  low molecular weight-B cell growth factor
  lymphocyte proliferation potentiating factors
  Lymphokine Deficiency
View node Macrophage-Activating Factors
  macrophage aggregation factor
View node Macrophage Migration-Inhibitory Factors
  monocyte-macrophage differentiation factor
  neutrophil migration inhibitory factor
  nonantigen-specific mediator
  NZB serum factor
  osteoclast activating factor
  PDGFD protein, human
  Pdgfd protein, mouse
  platelet-derived growth factor C
  Scdgfb protein, rat
  stem cell inhibitory factor
  suppressive B cell factor
View node Suppressor Factors, Immunologic Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  t cell-activating lymphokine
  thymocyte interaction modulation factor
  Transfer Factor
  tumor migration inhibition factor
View node Lymphotoxin-alpha