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Chemical Methotrexate

Name Methotrexate
CAS Type 1 Name L-Glutamic acid, N-(4-(((2,4-diamino-6-pteridinyl)methyl)methylamino)benzoyl)-
Equivalent Terms Amethopterin | Dicesium Salt Methotrexate | Hydrate, Methotrexate | Methotrexate, Dicesium Salt | Methotrexate, Disodium Salt | Methotrexate, (D)-Isomer | Methotrexate, (DL)-Isomer | Methotrexate Hydrate | Methotrexate Sodium | Methotrexate, Sodium Salt | Mexate | Sodium, Methotrexate
CAS Registry Number 59-05-2
Definition An antineoplastic antimetabolite with immunosuppressant properties. It is an inhibitor of TETRAHYDROFOLATE DEHYDROGENASE and prevents the formation of tetrahydrofolate, necessary for synthesis of thymidylate, an essential component of DNA.
Structure Methotrexate
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MeSH® ID D008727
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Methotrexate Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  06-Paris-LA-66 protocol Has associated diseases
  3',5'-dichloromethotrexate Has associated diseases
  3M protocol
  4-amino-10-methylpteroylhexa-gamma-glutamic acid
  4-(N-((2,4-diamino-6-pteridinyl)methyl)amino)benzoic acid
  5-hexadecyl methotrexate
  5-monobutyl methotrexate
  7-hydroxymethotrexate Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  AAAP protocol
  ACFM protocol Has associated diseases
  ACHM protocol
  ACMFVP protocol
  ACOMLA protocol Has associated diseases
  AIEOP 8703 protocol
  AIEOP acute lymphoblastic leukemia protocol Has associated diseases
  AIEOP protocol 8202
  ALHR88 protocol Has associated diseases
  ALL-80 protocol
  ALL-82 protocol Has associated diseases
  ALL-85 protocol
  AMF protocol Has associated diseases
  ANAVACYM protocol Has associated diseases
  APO combination
  A-VBM-FH6 protocol
  AVTMF protocol
  BCMV protocol
  BCOMM protocol
  BECALM protocol
  BEMOP-CA protocol
  BFM 78 protocol
  BFM-86 protocol Has associated diseases
  BMC protocol
  BMF phase II protocol
  BMFt protocol
  BMPD protocol
  BOMES protocol
  BOMM protocol
  BOP-CISCA-POMB-ACE regimen Has associated diseases
  BVAM protocol
  BVMM protocol
  BVMP regimen
  CADOM protocol
  CAEVM protocol
  CAMBO-VIP protocol
  CAM combination
  CAMELEON protocol
  CAMEO protocol
  CAMF protocol
  CAMFTP protocol
  CAMP-L protocol
  CAMP protocol
  CAPABLE protocol
  Carbo-MVE protocol
  CARE protocol
  CAV-HEM protocol
  CBVPM protocol
  CCG-141 protocol
  CCOM protocol
  CEOP-IMVP-Dexa regimen
  CEOP-MB protocol
  CFMPV protocol
  CHAMOMA protocol
  CHAMP-5 protocol
  chloromethylketone methotrexate
  CMB protocol
  CMED protocol
  CMF-B protocol
  CMFDV protocol
  CMFP protocol Has associated diseases
  CMF protocol Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  CMFPTH regimen
  CMFPT protocol Has associated diseases
  CMF regimen Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  CMFVP protocol Has associated diseases
  C'MP protocol
  CMU protocol
  CMV regimen
  CMxMF regimen
  CNR-NEO 2 protocol
  COMET-A protocol
  COMF protocol
  COMLA protocol
  COMP-1 protocol
  (COMPADRI)-III protocol
  COMPA regimen
  COMPE protocol
  COMP protocol Has associated diseases
  COMP-VAN protocol
  COMVP protocol
  COPADEM protocol
  COPAD protocol
  COP protocol 1
  COSS-86 protocol Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  CYM protocol
  CYOMAD protocol Has associated diseases
  DAVTHML regimen
  DCCM protocol
  DD1 protocol
  DEMOB protocol
  deoxyaminopteroic acid
  dextran T70-methotrexate conjugate
  diazoketone methotrexate
  DK226 compound
  DVP-M-CHOP protocol
  EMA-CO protocol
  EMACO protocol
  EMB protocol
  EMLP protocol
  EP-OMB protocol
  EpPt-OMB protocol
  EVM protocol
  FAC-MV protocol
  FEMTX-P protocol
  FEMTX protocol
  fibrinogen-methotrexate conjugate
  fluoresceinated methotrexate
  fluorescein-methotrexate Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  F-MACHOP protocol Has associated diseases
  FMVMP regimen
  FUM protocol
  gamma-tert-butyl methotrexate
  GAP-POMP regimen
  HCVAD protocol Has associated diseases
  HELP protocol
  hexa CAF protocol
  HiC-COM protocol Has associated diseases
  HM 89 protocol
  HM 91 protocol
  HMF protocol
  HR-1 protocol
  HR-2 protocol
  HR-3 protocol
  IEVM protocol
  IMVP-16 protocol Has associated diseases
  IVAM regimen
  K1 protocol
  L-6 protocol
  LALA 87 protocol
  LBCMVD-56 protocol
  LCOMP protocol
  LEAMP protocol
  LEMP protocol
  LLA-IV-AR protocol
  LMB89 protocol
  LMFP protocol
  LMF protocol
  LMV protocol
  LNH87-2 protocol
  LSA2-L2 protocol
  MAB protocol
  MACC combination
  MAC combination
  MACHO protocol
  MAC III protocol
  m-ACOD protocol Has associated diseases
  MACOP-B protocol Has associated diseases
  MACOP-B regimen
  MAE protocol
  Mallinson protocol
  MAPECO protocol
  MAPO protocol
  MATCOP regimen
  MATILDE regimen
  M-BACOD protocol Has associated diseases
  M-BACOP protocol
  M-BACOS protocol
  MBD protocol
  m-BECOD protocol
  M-BNCOD protocol Has associated diseases
  m-BOP protocol
  MBVP protocol
  M-CAVI protocol
  MCC protocol
  MCHC protocol
  MCHOD protocol
  MCM protocol
  MCNO regimen
  MCP 842 regimen
  MDACC protocol
  MDC protocol
  M-DOMP protocol
  MEA regimen
  MECHOP-BM protocol
  MEC protocol 1 Has associated diseases
  MEC protocol 2
  MECY protocol
  methotrexate-3-(aminoethyldithio)propionic acid-poly(lysine)
  methotrexate 5-aminoallyl-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-monophosphate
  methotrexate alpha-aspartate
  methotrexate-alpha-benzyl-gamma-hexadecyl ester
  methotrexate-alpha glutamate Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  methotrexate bisphosphonate
  methotrexate di-n-butyl ester
  methotrexate-gamma-hexadecyl ester
  methotrexate-homocysteic acid
  methotrexate N-hydroxysuccinimide ester
  methotrexate polyglutamate Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  methotrexate-serum albumin
  MEV-AD protocol
  MEVAP protocol
  MEV protocol
  MFAV protocol
  M-FLP protocol
  MFL protocol
  MIME protocol
  MIMOC protocol
  MIMO protocol
  mito-MBD protocol
  MLL-93 protocol
  ML-Y1 protocol
  m-M-BACOD protocol
  MME protocol
  MMIP protocol
  MMM protocol 1
  MMM protocol 2 Has associated diseases
  MNCOP-B protocol
  modified M-VAC protocol
  MOMK protocol
  MOPLACE protocol
  MOPLEC protocol
  MPEMi protocol
  MPEpiE protocol
  MPEpiV protocol
  MP regimen Has associated diseases
  MSK-NY-II protocol, modified Has associated diseases
  MTX-CF protocol
  MTX-CHOP protocol
  Murphy-Bowmann protocol
  MV26PD protocol
  M-VAC protocol Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  M-VEC protocol
  MVMF protocol Has associated diseases
  MVMJ protocol
  MVP-CAB protocol
  N-(1-((2,4-diamino-6-pteridinyl)methyl)-3,4-dihydro -2H-1,4-benzothiazine-7-carbonyl)-L-2-aminoadipic acid
  (N-(4-amino-4-deoxy-N(10)-methylpteroyl)amino)-3-chloro-4,5-dihydro-5-isoxazoleacetic acid
  N-(5-(beta-(2,4-diamino-6-pteridinyl)ethyl)-2-thenoyl)glutamic acid
  NCI PB 93-C-207 protocol
  NEO-MACOP-B protocol
  New York protocol
  NMF protocol
  non-Hodgkin's lymphoma protocol 8503
  OOS-A regimen
  OS 87 protocol
  PACE-BOM protocol
  PBMF protocol
  PBML protocol
  PCMF protocol
  P-COMM-B protocol
  PEA-M regimen
  pea seed lectin-methotrexate conjugate
  PEEC-M protocol
  PETHEMA ALL-3-97 protocol
  PFL-MP protocol
  PHEA-MTX conjugate
  PM-FAC protocol
  PMF protocol
  PNMF protocol
  POG 8493 protocol
  POG-8498 protocol
  POG 8602 protocol
  POMACE protocol
  POMB-ACE-PAV regimen
  POMB-ACE protocol
  POMB-ACE regimen
  POMP protocol Has associated diseases
  Price-Hill protocol
  PRIME protocol
  Pro-MACE-C-MOPP protocol
  PROMACE-CytaBOM protocol Has associated diseases
  ProMACE-MOPP protocol
  PROMACE protocol
  ProMECE-CytaBOM protocol Has associated diseases
  protocol 8001
  R-14 regimen
  Regimen B
  Rizzoli IOR protocol
  Rosen's T-10 protocol Has associated diseases
  SIOP-II protocol
  Stanford University protocol
  St Jude's regimen
  T-6 protocol
  T7 protocol
  T-8801 protocol
  TCCSG B-8801 protocol
  TMF protocol Has associated diseases
  TMM protocol
  TNP 351
  TOTAL-XII protocol
  TRAMPCOL protocol
  TRAMPCO protocol
  UCH II protocol
  UKALL X protocol Has associated diseases
  VAAP regimen
  VAC-M protocol
  VAMA protocol
  VAMP combination
  VAMP-EEE protocol
  VAMP protocol
  VbCFM protocol
  VBCMF protocol
  VBMF protocol
  VBM protocol
  VBM protocol 2
  V-CAM protocol
  VCMA protocol
  VEMFAH protocol
  VEMP protocol 3
  VEPA-L protocol
  VEPA-M protocol
  VIM3-ARA C regimen
  VIM3 protocol
  VIM-Bleo protocol
  VIPP-BM protocol
  VMBP protocol
  VMF protocol
  VMF regimen
  VMM protocol
  VMP-CIsCF protocol
  VMP protocol Has associated diseases
  VMV protocol
  VP-BBML protocol
  VPC regimen
  VTMFAP protocol
  VTMFP protocol
  VTMF protocol