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Chemical Methylcellulose

Name Methylcellulose
CAS Type 1 Name Cellulose, methyl ether
Equivalent Terms Alphapharm Brand of Methylcellulose | BFL | Celevac | Cellothyl | Cellulone | Cellulose, Methyl | Citrucel | Cologel | Dacryolarmes | Edigen Brand of Methylcellulose | Lilly Brand of Methylcellulose | Martin Brand of Methylcellulose | Methocel | Methyl Cellulose | Methylcellulose Alphapharm Brand | Methylcellulose Edigen Brand | Methylcellulose Lilly Brand | Methylcellulose Martin Brand | Methylcellulose Shire Brand | Muciplasma | Shire Brand of Methylcellulose | SmithKline Beecham Brand of Methylcellulose | Warner Chilcott Brand 1 of Methylcellulose | Warner Chilcott Brand 2 of Methylcellulose
CAS Registry Number 9004-67-5
Definition Methylester of cellulose. Methylcellulose is used as an emulsifying and suspending agent in cosmetics, pharmaceutics and the chemical industry. It is used therapeutically as a bulk laxative.
Curation Status No gene interactions have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D008747
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