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Chemical Nerve Growth Factors

Name Nerve Growth Factors
Equivalent Terms Factors, Nerve Growth | Factors, Neurite Outgrowth | Factors, Neuronotrophic | Factors, Neurotrophic | Growth Associated Proteins, Neuronal | Growth-Associated Proteins, Neuronal | Neurite Outgrowth Factors | Neuronal Growth Associated Proteins | Neuronal Growth-Associated Proteins | Neuronotrophic Factors | Neurotrophic Factors | Neurotrophic Protein | Neurotrophic Proteins | Neurotrophins | Outgrowth Factors, Neurite | Proteins, Neuronal Growth-Associated
Definition Factors which enhance the growth potentialities of sensory and sympathetic nerve cells.
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MeSH® ID D009414
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Nerve Growth Factors Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  2.5S nerve growth factor
  7S nerve growth factor complex
  7S nerve growth factor protein, human
  7S nerve growth factor protein, rat
  Amos protein, Drosophila
View node Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
  CAT development factor
  CDNF protein, Drosophila
  CDNF protein, human
  cdnf protein, mouse
  CDNF protein, rat
View node Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor
  cometin protein, mouse
  cysteine-rich neurotrophic factor, Lymnaea stagnalis
View node Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factors Has associated diseases
View node Glia Maturation Factor
  Gmf1 protein, S pombe
  MANF protein, Drosophila
  MANF protein, human
  MANF protein, mouse
  MANF protein, rat
  MANF protein, zebrafish
  MDK protein, human
  MDP77 protein, Gallus gallus
  NAV1 protein, human
  NDNF protein, mouse
View node Nerve Growth Factor
  Neurotrophin 3
  nerve growth factor, beta subunit precursor
  nerve growth factor, gamma
  NetB protein, Drosophila
View node Netrins
View node Neuregulins
  neurite-inducing factor
  neurotrophin 1, Drosophila
  neurotrophin-3, human
  neurotrophin 4
  neurotrophin 5
  neurotrophin 6
  neurotropin 3, mouse
  Nfasc protein, Gallus gallus
  NFASC protein, human
  Nfasc protein, mouse
  Nfasc protein, rat
  NINJ1 protein, human
  Ninj1 protein, mouse
  Ninj1 protein, rat
  NRG2 protein, human
  Nrg2 protein, mouse
  Nrg2 protein, rat
  ntf7 protein, zebrafish
  pan-neurotrophin 1
  pigment epithelium-derived factor
View node Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide
  pro-nerve growth factor, rat
  prosaptide Has associated diseases
  prosaptide D5
  prosaptide D5y
  sbb protein, Drosophila
  sema3aa protein, zebrafish
  sema3ab protein, zebrafish
  sema3d protein, zebrafish
  semaphorin A(V)
  semaphorin IV
  semaphorin Z7
  Sept2 protein, rat
  Smad10 protein, Xenopus
  Stmn3 protein, mouse
  Stmn3 protein, rat
  STMN4 protein, human
  Stmn4 protein, mouse
  Stmn4 protein, rat
  unc-33 protein, C elegans
  VGF protein, human