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Chemical Protein C

Name Protein C
Definition A vitamin-K dependent zymogen present in the blood, which, upon activation by thrombin and thrombomodulin exerts anticoagulant properties by inactivating factors Va and VIIIa at the rate-limiting steps of thrombin formation.
Curation Status No gene interactions have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D011486
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Protein C Has associated diseases
  3K3A-APC protein
  drotrecogin alfa activated Has associated diseases
  protein C, des-1-41 light chain activated-
  protein C London 1
  protein C Nagoya, human
  protein C Osaka 1
  protein C Osaka 2
  protein C Osaka 3
  protein C Padua2, human
  protein C Padua3
  protein C propeptide
  protein C, Rouen
  protein C Yonago