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Chemical Scorpion Venoms

Name Scorpion Venoms
Equivalent Terms alpha Scorpion Toxin | alpha-Scorpion Toxin | beta Scorpion Toxin | beta-Scorpion Toxin | gamma Scorpion Toxin | gamma-Scorpion Toxin | Scorpion Venom | Toxin, alpha-Scorpion | Toxin, beta-Scorpion | Toxin, gamma-Scorpion | Venom, Scorpion | Venoms, Scorpion
Definition Venoms from animals of the order Scorpionida of the class Arachnida. They contain neuro- and hemotoxins, enzymes, and various other factors that may release acetylcholine and catecholamines from nerve endings. Of the several protein toxins that have been characterized, most are immunogenic.
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Scorpion Venoms Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  AahTL1 toxin
  AahTL3 toxin
  AaIT neurotoxin, Androctonus australis
  AamTX protein, Androctonus amoreuxi
  abt, Buthus martensi Karsch
  agitoxin 1
  agitoxin 2
  agitoxin 3
  alphaIT toxin, Buthotus judaicus
  alpha-KTx20.1 protein, Tityus trivittatus
  alpha-Ktx31.1 toxin, Buthus
  alpha-KTx4.3 toxin
  alpha-neurotoxin TX14, Buthus martensii
  alpha-toxin Bs-Tx28
  alpha-toxin IX, Buthus occitanus tunetanus
  AmmTX3 protein, Androctonus mauretanicus
  Amm VIII toxin, Androctonus mauretanicus mauretanicus
  androcin, Androctonus bicolor
  anti-epilepsy peptide, Buthrus martensii
  antitumor-analgesic peptide, Buthus martensii
  AP1 protein, Buthus martensii
  BeKm-1 toxin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  bengalin protein, Heterometrus bengalensis
  Bjit2 toxin
  BKTx1 protein, Buthus martensi
  BmHYA1 protein, Buthus martensi
  BMK 11(2) toxin
  BmK alphaIT1 toxin, Buthus martensii
  BmK alpha IV toxin, Buthus martensi Karsch
  BmKalphaTx11 protein, Buthus martensii
  BmKalphaTx15 protein, Buthus martensii
  BmK AS polypeptide Has associated diseases
  BmKbpp protein, Buthus martensii Karsch
  BmKbpp protein precursor
  BMK-CBP protein, Buthus martensii
  BmK CTa protein, Buthus martensii
  BMK II toxin
  BmKIM peptide
  BmK IT2 scorpion toxin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  BmK IT(3) scorpion toxin
  BmK Ita1 toxin, Buthus martensii
  BmKITc2 protein, Mesobuthus martensii
  BmKITc protein, Mesobuthus martensii
  Bmk IT toxin, Buthus martensii Karsch
  BmKK4 neurotoxin, Buthus martensii
  BmK M1 neurotoxin
  BmK M4 neurotoxin
  BmK M7 toxin, Buthus martensii
  BmK M8 neurotoxin
  BmKn1 peptide
  Bmk NT1 toxin, Buthus martensii Karsch
  BmP01 toxin
  BmP02 peptide
  BmP02 toxin
  BmP03 peptide
  BmP03 toxin
  BmP05 toxin
  BmTx3B, Buthus
  BmTXKbeta1 protein, Buthus martensii
  BmTXKbeta2 peptide
  Bot III neurotoxin, Buthus occitanus tunetanus
  BotIT1 toxin
  BotIT2 toxin
  BotIT4 toxin
  BotIT5 toxin
  BotIT6 protein, Buthus occitanus tunetanus
  Bot XIV toxin
  Bs-dprIT1 protein, Mesobuthus tamulus sindicus
  BTK-2 toxin, Mesobuthus tamulus
  bumarsin, Mesobuthus martensii
  Buthotus judaicus toxin 1
  Buthotus judaicus toxin 2
  Buthus tamulus insect toxin Has associated diseases
  Buthus toxin I
  Buthus toxin XI
  Centruroides neurotoxin, variant 3
  Centruroides toxin
View node Charybdotoxin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  Cll9 toxin, Centruroides limpidus
  CM-VI toxin
  cobatoxin 1
  cobatoxin 2
  crustacean-specific toxin 5, Centruroides
  CsEKerg1, Centruroides sculpturatus
  CSE M(1)
  Css4 protein, Centruroides suffusus suffusus
  CSS IV toxin
  CT1 peptide, Scorpiops tibetanus
  Ctri9577 protein, Chaerilus tricostatus
  diaminobutanoyl(7)-leiurotoxin I
  discrepin peptide, rat
  discrepin protein, Tityus discrepans
  discreplasminin, Tityus discrepans
  dITAP3 toxin, Buthus martensii
  ergotoxin, Centruroides noxius Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  ergtoxin 4, Centruroides elegans
  ergtoxin 5, Centruroides elegans
  GaTx1 protein, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  GaTx2 protein, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  hadrucalcin protein, Hadrurus gertschi
  hemicalcin protein, Hemiscorpius lepturus
  hemitoxin protein, Hemiscorpius lepturus
  heteromtoxin, Heterometrus laoticus
  heteroscorpine-1, Heterometrus laoticus
  hetlaxin, Heterometrus laoticus
  Hg1 toxin, Hadrurus gertschi
  hongotoxin 1
  Hp1090 peptide, Heterometrus petersii
  ikitoxin protein, Parabuthus transvaalicus
  ImKTx1 peptide, Isometrus maculates
  imperatoxin A
  imperatoxin I
  insectotoxin I5A
  IsCT2 protein, Opisthacanthus madagascariensis
  IsCT protein, Opisthacanthus madagascariensis
  IsTX toxin, Opisthacanthus madagascariensis
  J123 protein, Buthus martensii
  K1 toxin, Odonthobuthus doriae
  KAGAP protein, Buthus martensii Karsch
  kaliotoxin KTX(3)
  KAPi toxin, Buthus martensii
  kappa-hefutoxin 1, Heterometrus fulvipes
  KAS-1 toxin, Buthus martensi
  KAS toxin, Buthus martensi Karsch
  KBT toxin, Buthus martensii
  KK toxin, Buthus martensi
  KMK peptide, Tityus stigmurus
  KTx10 protein, Lychas mucronatus
  KTx2 protein, Opisthacanthus cayaporum
  KTX toxin, Buthus
  LaIT1 protein, Liocheles australasiae
  leiuropeptide II
  leiurotoxin I Has associated genes
  leiurotoxin I, Arg(7)-
  Lq2 protein, Leiurus quinquestriatus
  Lqh6 toxin, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  Lqh7 toxin, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  Lqh 8-6 protein, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  LqhalphaIT toxin
  Lqh III toxin
  Lqh II toxin
  LqhIT1 insect toxin
  LqhIT2 insect toxin
  LqhIT5 toxin, Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus
  Lqq IT1
  Lqq IT2
  Lqq-V protein, Leiurus quinquestriatus
  LVP1 peptide, Buthus occitanus tunetanus
  LVP2 peptide, Buthus occitanus tunetanus
  makatoxin I Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  margatoxin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  martentoxin, Buthus martensi Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  meucin-24, Mesobuthus eupeus
  meucin-25, Mesobuthus eupeus
  minax toxin
  minax toxin 2
  neurotoxin IIalpha (Leirus)
  neurotoxin M9, scorpion
  neurotoxin Os3 protein, Orthochirus scrobiculosus
  NTxPrec protein, Tityus serrulat
  OD1 toxin, Odonthobuthus doriae
  OdK3 protein, Odonthobuthus doriae
  OsI-1 toxin
  OSK1 toxin, Orthochirus scrobiculosus
  OsK2 protein, Orthochirus scrobiculosus
  P05 toxin, Leu(6,7)-
  P08 peptide, Buthus martensi
  P09 protein, Buthus martensi
  Pandinus toxin K-alpha
  pantinin-1 peptide, Pandinus imperator
  pantinin-2 peptide, Pandinus imperator
  pantinin-3 peptide, Pandinus imperator
  parabutoporin, Parabuthus schlechteri
  parabutoxin 3 protein, Parabuthus transvaalicus
  PBITx1 protein, Parabuthus schlechteri
  peptide 16(5), Buthus martensii Karsch
  Pg8 protein, Parabuthus granulatus
  phaiodotoxin, Anuroctonus phaiodactylus
  Pi1 toxin
  Pi2 toxin
  Pi3 toxin, scorpion
  Pi4 peptide
  Pi7 peptide
  scorpion neurotoxin BmK M2
  scorpion toxin AaH III
  scorpion toxin AaH IT1
  scorpion toxin AaH IT2
  scorpion toxin AaH IT4
  scorpion toxin Aah VI
  scorpion toxin AaIT5
  scorpion toxin CsE-I
  scorpion toxin CsE-V
  scorpion toxin Css II
  scorpion toxin I''
  scorpion toxin I, Androctonus
  scorpion toxin II, Androctonus
  scorpion toxin II, Androctonus (19-28)
  scorpion toxin II, Tityus
  scorpion toxin Ts1, Tityus
  scorpion venom heat-resistant peptide, Buthus martensii
  scorpion venom P05
  scorpion venom P05-NH2
  Sj7170 protein, Scorpiops jendeki
  stigmurin, Tityus stigmurus
  STR1 toxin
  tamapin peptide, Mesobuthus tamulus
  tamulustoxin protein, Mesobuthus tamulus
  tetramethylrhodamine-Tityus gamma
  tityustoxin Has associated diseases
  tityustoxin-19, Tityus serrulatus
  tityustoxin IV
  tityustoxin V
  tityustoxin VII
  toxin 10, Centruroides
  toxin 11, Centruroides noxius
  toxin 12, Centruroides noxius
  toxin 14, Buthus occitanus
  toxin 1, Centruroides limpidus limpidus
  toxin 2, Centruroides noxius
  toxin 3, Centruroides noxius
  toxin 4, Centruroides noxius
  toxin alpha, Tityus cambridgei
  toxin beta, Tityus zulianus
  toxin Tskapa-maurotoxin
  toxin TsTX-VI
  toxin V
  toxin VII
  toxin VI (Scorpion venom)
  Ts15 toxin, Tityus serrulatus
  Ts2 toxin, Tityus serrulatus
  Ts3 toxin, Tityus serrulatus
  Ts6 toxin, Tityus serrulatus
  Ts7 toxin, Tityus serrulatus
  Ts-gamma neurotoxin
  TsNTxp protein, Tityus serrulatus
  TsTX-I, mouse
  TX1 toxin, Buthus
  TX1 toxin, Heterometrus spinnifer
  TX2 toxin, Buthus
  TX3 toxin, Buthus martensii
  TXKS1, Buthus martensii
  TXKS3 protein, Buthus martensii
  TXLP2 protein, Buthus martensii
  variant-2 scorpion toxin
  Vm24 peptide