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Chemical Somatomedins

Name Somatomedins
Equivalent Terms Factors, Insulin-Like Growth | Factor, Sulfation | Growth Factors, Insulin-Like | Insulin Like Growth Factors | Insulin-Like Growth Factors | Somatomedin | Sulfation Factor
Definition Insulin-like polypeptides made by the liver and some fibroblasts and released into the blood when stimulated by SOMATOTROPIN. They cause sulfate incorporation into collagen, RNA, and DNA synthesis, which are prerequisites to cell division and growth of the organism.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D013002
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  Biomin H
  Dilp6 protein, Drosophila
  igf1 protein, zebrafish
  IGF1RB protein, zebrafish
  Igf2a protein, zebrafish
  Igf2b protein, zebrafish
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  insulin-like growth factor 3, zebrafish
  preproinsulin-like growth factor
  somatomedin B
  somatomedin inhibitor
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