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Chemical Tetraphenylborate

Name Tetraphenylborate
CAS Type 1 Name Borate(1-), tetraphenyl-
Equivalent Terms Ammonium Salt Tetraphenylborate | Kalignost | Potassium Salt Tetraphenylborate | Sodium Salt, Tetraphenylborate | Sodium Tetraphenylborate | Sodium, Tetraphenylboron | Tetraphenylborate, Ammonium Salt | Tetraphenylborate, Barium Salt (2:1) | Tetraphenylborate, Potassium Salt | Tetraphenylborate, Sodium | Tetraphenylborate Sodium Salt | Tetraphenylboron | Tetraphenylboron Sodium
CAS Registry Number 4358-26-3
Definition An anionic compound that is used as a reagent for determination of potassium, ammonium, rubidium, and cesium ions. It also uncouples oxidative phosphorylation and forms complexes with biological materials, and is used in biological assays.
Structure Tetraphenylborate
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D013775
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  hexakis(N-methylimidazole-N')iron(II) tetraphenylborate dichloromethane
  iridium (cyclooctadiene) pentamidine tetraphenylborate
  N-(tert-butylcarbonylglycylaminoethyl)-N-(ethyl)ammonium tetraphenylborate