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Chemical Transforming Growth Factors

Name Transforming Growth Factors
CAS Type 1 Name Animal growth regulators, transforming growth factors
Equivalent Terms Factors, Transforming Growth | Factor, Transforming Growth | Growth Factors, Transforming | Growth Factor, Transforming | Transforming Growth Factor
CAS Registry Number 76057-06-2
Definition Hormonally active polypeptides that can induce the transformed phenotype when added to normal, non-transformed cells. They have been found in culture fluids from retrovirally transformed cells and in tumor-derived cells as well as in non-neoplastic sources. Their transforming activities are due to the simultaneous action of two otherwise unrelated factors, TRANSFORMING GROWTH FACTOR ALPHA and TRANSFORMING GROWTH FACTOR BETA.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D015291
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Transforming Growth Factors
  dorsalin 1 protein, Gallus gallus
  dorsalin 1 protein, rat
  Dorsalin-1 protein, zebrafish
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  transforming growth factor type e