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Chemical Biomarkers

Name Biomarkers
Equivalent Terms Biochemical Marker | Biochemical Markers | Biological Marker | Biological Markers | Biologic Marker | Biologic Markers | Clinical Marker | Clinical Markers | Endpoints, Surrogate | End Points, Surrogate | Endpoint, Surrogate | End Point, Surrogate | Immune Marker | Immune Markers | Immunologic Marker | Immunologic Markers | Laboratory Marker | Laboratory Markers | Marker, Biochemical | Marker, Biologic | Marker, Biological | Marker, Clinical | Marker, Immune | Marker, Immunologic | Marker, Laboratory | Markers, Biochemical | Markers, Biologic | Markers, Biological | Markers, Clinical | Marker, Serum | Markers, Immune | Markers, Immunologic | Markers, Laboratory | Markers, Serum | Markers, Surrogate | Marker, Surrogate | Markers, Viral | Marker, Viral | Serum Marker | Serum Markers | Surrogate Endpoint | Surrogate End Point | Surrogate Endpoints | Surrogate End Points | Surrogate Marker | Surrogate Markers | Viral Marker | Viral Markers
Definition Measurable and quantifiable biological parameters (e.g., specific enzyme concentration, specific hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype distribution in a population, presence of biological substances) which serve as indices for health- and physiology-related assessments, such as disease risk, psychiatric disorders, ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE and its effects, disease diagnosis; METABOLIC PROCESSES; SUBSTANCE ABUSE; PREGNANCY; cell line development; EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES; etc.
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Biomarkers Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  Antibodies, Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Has associated genes Has associated diseases
View node Antigens, Differentiation
  Atp6ap1 protein, rat
  Biomarkers, Pharmacological
View node Biomarkers, Tumor Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  CAM 5.2 antigen
View node Chorionic Gonadotropin, beta Subunit, Human
  DIT33 protein, Dirofilaria immitis
  Environmental Biomarkers
View node Fibrinopeptide A Has associated diseases
View node Genetic Markers
  Gtlf3b protein, mouse
  Hyp1 protein, Hydra attenuata
  ischemia-modified albumin
  Oligoclonal Bands
  Prdl-a protein, Hydra attenuata
  Prdl-b protein, Hydra attenuata
  proliferating cell marker 1 protein, rat