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Chemical Cell Adhesion Molecules

Name Cell Adhesion Molecules
Equivalent Terms Adhesion Molecules, Cell | Adhesion Molecules, Intercellular | Adhesion Molecules, Leukocyte | Intercellular Adhesion Molecules | Leukocyte Adhesion Molecules | Molecules, Cell Adhesion | Molecules, Intercellular Adhesion | Molecules, Leukocyte Adhesion | Saccharide Mediated Cell Adhesion Molecules | Saccharide-Mediated Cell Adhesion Molecules
Definition Surface ligands, usually glycoproteins, that mediate cell-to-cell adhesion. Their functions include the assembly and interconnection of various vertebrate systems, as well as maintenance of tissue integration, wound healing, morphogenic movements, cellular migrations, and metastasis.
Curation Status No gene interactions have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D015815
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Cell Adhesion Molecules Has associated diseases
View node 12E7 Antigen
  18w protein, Drosophila
  9430020K01Rik protein, mouse
  Adrm1 protein, mouse
  AGA1 protein, S cerevisiae
  AGA2 protein, S cerevisiae
  AJAP1 protein, human
  ALA1 protein, Candida albicans
  alpha-Cat protein, Drosophila
  alphaINT1 protein, Candida albicans
  AMICA1 protein, human
  Amica1 protein, mouse
  Amica1 protein, rat
  antigen 117, Dictyostelium
  AOC3 protein, human
  AP51 adhesin, Trichomonas vaginalis
  AP65-1 protein, Trichomonas vaginalis
  AP65-2 protein, Trichomonas vaginalis
  AP65-3 protein, Trichomonas vaginalis
  ARVCF protein, human
  Arvcf protein, mouse
  BCAM protein, human
  BM180 protein, mouse
  Bves protein, Gallus gallus
  Bves protein, mouse
  BYSL protein, human
  Bysl protein, mouse
  Bysl protein, rat
View node Cadherins
  Cadm2a protein, zebrafish
  CADM2 protein, human
  Cadm2 protein, mouse
  CADM3 protein, human
  Cadm3 protein, zebrafish
  CADM4 protein, human
  Cadm4 protein, zebrafish
View node Carcinoembryonic Antigen
View node CD11 Antigens
View node CD146 Antigen
View node CD24 Antigen
View node CD4 Immunoadhesins
  CD66 antigens
  CDCP1 protein, human
  CDON protein, human
  Cdon protein, mouse
  Cdon protein, zebrafish
  Cdo protein, rat
  Ceacam10 protein, mouse
  ceacam16 protein, human
  CEACAM16 protein, mouse
  CEACAM19 protein, human
  CEACAM20 protein, human
  CEACAM20 protein, mouse
  CEACAM6 protein, human
  CEACAM6 protein, rat
  CEACAM8 protein, human
  Ceacam9 protein, mouse
  Ceacam9 protein, rat
View node Cell Adhesion Molecule-1
View node Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuronal
  cell aggregation factors
  cell cohesion molecule, Dictyostelium
  cementum attachment protein, 55-kDa
  Cgr11 protein, rat
  CHL1 protein, human
  Chl1 protein, mouse
  CHL1 protein, rat
  CL-5A antigen, human
  CL-5 protein, human
  clag9 protein, Plasmodium falciparum
  CLEC14A protein, human
  CLEC4M protein, human
  Cmar protein, mouse
  coiled protein, Drosophila
  corticotropin-induced secreted protein, Bos taurus
  CRELD1 protein, human
  CRELD1 protein, mouse
  CRELD2 protein, human
  CRELD2 protein, mouse
  CRISPLD1 protein, human
  CRISPLD2 protein, human
  csb protein, Dictyostelium discoideum
  CYTH4 protein, human
  DC-specific ICAM-3 grabbing nonintegrin
  DdCAD-1 protein, Dictyostelium discoideum
  desquamin protein, human
  DICAM protein, mouse
  DSCAML1 protein, human
  DSCAML1 protein, mouse
  Dscam protein, Drosophila
  DSCAM protein, human
  Dscam protein, mouse
  DSCAM protein, rat
  DSCAM protein, Xenopus
  Dscam protein, zebrafish
  DTEpCAM23 immunotoxin
  echinoid protein, Drosophila
  endo16 protein, sea urchin
View node Endolyn
View node Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule
  erythroblast macrophage protein, mouse
  ESAM protein, human
  Esam protein, mouse
  Esam protein, rat
  Eva1 protein, mouse
  EVL protein, human
  Evl protein, mouse
  F11R protein, human
  F11r protein, mouse
  fat protein, Drosophila
  FBLIM1 protein, human
  Fblim1 protein, mouse
  FCGBP protein, human
  FEZ2 protein, human
  Fig2 protein, S cerevisiae
  Flo10 protein, S cerevisiae
  FP1 protein, Mytilus galloprovincialis
  FP2 protein, Mytilus galloprovincialis
  friend-of-echinoid protein, Drosophila
  glycoprotein 138, Dictyostelium
  Gm5893 predicted protein, mouse
  GP24A protein, Dictyostelium discoideum
  GP24B protein, Dictyostelium discoideum
  gpi8 protein, S pombe
  GPR133 protein, mouse
  Havcr1protein, rat
  heparin-binding protein (Leishmania)
  HMW3 protein, Mycoplasma
  HPG-1 protein, human
  Hyal2 protein, human
  hyaluronidase PH-20
  ICAM2 protein, human
  ICAM-2 protein, mouse
  ICAM2 protein, rat
  ICAM3 protein, human
  ICAM3 protein, mouse
  ICAM4 protein, human
  ICAM-4 protein, mouse
  ICAM5 protein, human
  ICAM5 protein, rat
  ICAM-L protein, Leishmania gerbelli
  ICAM-L protein, Leishmania hertigi
  ICAM-L protein, Leishmania major
  IG9 protein, Oryctolagus cuniculus
  IGSF11 protein, human
  Igsf11 protein, zebrafish
  Igsf4b protein, mouse
  Igsf4c protein, mouse
  IGSF5 protein, human
  Igsf5 protein, mouse
View node Integrin alphaXbeta2
View node Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1
  Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-3
  IPCEF1 protein, rat
  JAM-1 protein, rat
  JAM2 protein, human
  Jam2 protein, mouse
  JAM3 protein, human
  Jam3 protein, mouse
  JAM-3 protein, rat
View node Junctional Adhesion Molecules
  KIAA0319 protein, rat
  KIAA1462 protein, human
  klingon protein, Drosophila
  LEEP-CAM protein, human
  limunectin protein, Limulus
  Lin-7 protein, Drosophila
  LNIR protein, human
  LOC304000 protein, rat
  LPXN protein, human
  Lpxn protein, mouse
  Lu-ECAM-1 protein, Bos taurus
  LY6D protein, human
  LYPD3 protein, human
  LYPD3 protein, mouse
  Madcam1 protein, mouse
  MAEA protein, human
  Map4 protein, S pombe
  masquerade-like protein, Pacifastacus leniusculus
  matrix cell adhesion molecule-1, human
  matrix cell adhesion molecule-2, human
  MECA-325 antigen, mouse
  melanoma-associated cell surface protein, 55-kDa, human
  MfbAC protein, Lentinula edodes
  Mgfp-5 protein, Mytilus galloprovincialis
  MIC1 protein, Toxoplasma gondii
  MIC4 protein, Toxoplasma gondii
  MIC6 protein, Toxoplasma gondii
  microneme protein 8, Toxoplasma gondii
  MKLN1 protein, human
  Mkln1 protein, mouse
  Mkln1 protein, rat
  Mmrn1 protein, mouse
  MPZL2 protein, human
  MT201 antibody, human
  MTDH protein, human
  MUA-3 protein, C elegans
  MUP-4 protein, C elegans
View node Nectins
  neuromusculin protein, Drosophila
  NFASC-NTRK1 fusion protein, human
  Nfasc protein, Gallus gallus
  NFASC protein, human
  Nfasc protein, mouse
  Nfasc protein, rat
  NID2 protein, human
  NRCAM protein, Gallus gallus
  NRCAM protein, human
  Nrcam protein, mouse
  NrCAM protein, rat
  OPCML protein, human
  Opcml protein, mouse
  Opcml protein, rat
  Pard3 protein, mouse
  PCDHGA3 protein, human
  periostin-like factor, mouse
  periostin-like factor, rat
  peroxinectin protein, Macrobrachium rosenbergii
  peroxinectin protein, Pacifastacus leniusculus
  PG10.2 protein, rat
  phg-1 protein, C elegans
  PIGK protein, human
  PigK protein, zebrafish
View node Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1
  plx protein, Drosophila
  Pnn protein, Drosophila
  PNN protein, human
  Pnn protein, mouse
  POPDC2 protein, human
  Popdc2 protein, mouse
  POPDC3 protein, human
  Popdc3 protein, mouse
  POSTN protein, human
  Postn protein, mouse
  Postn protein, rat
  postn protein, zebrafish
  Prmp protein, rat
  protein 3B11
  PTK7 protein, human
  PVN1 protein, Nicotiana tabacum
  Pvrl4 protein, mouse
View node Receptors, Lymphocyte Homing
  RIFLE protein, rat
  RIG-3 protein, C elegans
  Rs1h protein, mouse
  SDK1 protein, human
  SefD protein, Salmonella
View node Selectins
  semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase-vascular adhesion protein-1, mouse
View node Sialic Acid Binding Ig-like Lectin 2
  SMP protein, Schwann cell, Coturnix coturnix
  SOS5 protein, Arabidopsis
  sperm antigen P26h
  SVEP1 protein, human
  SVEP1 protein, rat
  SYM32 protein, Anthopleura elegantissima
  SynCAM1 protein, human
  SynCAM protein, rat
  Taa1 protein, mouse
  TACSTD2 protein, human
  TCAM1P protein, human
  Tcam1 protein, mouse
  Tcam1 protein, rat
  technetium 99m tricarbonyl His-CNA35
  TINAG protein, human
  Tinag protein, mouse
  TNFAIP6 protein, human
  Tnfaip6 protein, mouse
  Tnfaip6 protein, rat
  TROAP protein, human
  TROP2 protein, mouse
  trophinin, mouse
  trophinin protein, rat
  TRO protein, human
  UNC-112 protein, C elegans
  UNC-40 protein, C elegans
  unzipped protein, Drosophila
  vanin-like protein, Drosophila
  vascular adhesion protein-1, rat
  Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1
  vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein
  VNN2 protein, human
  VNN3 protein, human
  Vnn3 protein, mouse
  VSIG1 protein, mouse
  WUCAM protein, human
  Xarvcf protein, Xenopus
  XG protein, human