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Chemical Cadherins

Name Cadherins
Equivalent Terms Cadherin 1 | Cadherin-1 | Cadherin 2 | Cadherin-2 | Cadherin 3 | Cadherin-3 | Cadherins, Neural | Cadherins, Placental | E Cadherin | E-Cadherin | E Cadherins | E-Cadherins | Epithelial Cadherins | Epithelial-Cadherins | Liver Cell Adhesion Molecule | Liver Cell Adhesion Molecules | N Cadherin | N-Cadherin | N Cadherins | N-Cadherins | Neural Cadherins | P Cadherin | P-Cadherin | P Cadherins | P-Cadherins | Placental Cadherins | Uvomorulin
Definition Calcium-dependent cell adhesion proteins. They are important in the formation of ADHERENS JUNCTIONS between cells. Cadherins are classified by their distinct immunological and tissue specificities, either by letters (E- for epithelial, N- for neural, and P- for placental cadherins) or by numbers (cadherin-12 or N-cadherin 2 for brain-cadherin). Cadherins promote cell adhesion via a homophilic mechanism as in the construction of tissues and of the whole animal body.
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MeSH® ID D015820
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Top ↑ Descendants

  APBA2 protein, human
  Apba2 protein, rat
  AXPC protein, Xenopus
  cad6B protein, Gallus gallus
  Cad7 protein, Gallus gallus
  Cad86C protein, Drosophila
  Cad96Ca protein, Drosophila
  Cad99c protein, Drosophila
  cadherin10 protein, zebrafish
  cadherin 15, zebrafish
  cadherin 19, rat
  cadherin 5
  cadherin-7, zebrafish
  cadherin-9, mouse
  cadherin-related protein 24, human
  C-cadherin protein, Xenopus
  CDH10 protein, human
  Cdh10 protein, mouse
  CDH16 protein, human
  Cdh16 protein, mouse
  CDH17 protein, human
  Cdh17 protein, mouse
  Cdh17 protein, rat
  CDH17 protein, zebrafish
  CDH18 protein, human
  CDH19 protein, human
  CDH1 protein, human
  CDH1 protein, rat
  Cdh1 protein, zebrafish
  CDH20 protein, human
  Cdh20 protein, mouse
  Cdh20 protein, rat
  CDH22 protein, human
  Cdh22 protein, mouse
  Cdh22 protein, rat
  CDH23 protein, human
  Cdh23 protein, mouse
  CDH23 protein, rat
  cdh23 protein, zebrafish
  CDH24 protein, human
  CDH26 protein, human
  CDH2 protein, human
  Cdh2 protein, mouse
  Cdh2 protein, zebrafish
  CDH-3 protein, C elegans
  CDH3 protein, human
  CDH-4 protein, C elegans
  Cdh5 protein, zebrafish
  CDH7 protein, human
  Cdh7 protein, mouse
  Cdh7 protein, rat
  CDH8 protein, human
  Cdh8 protein, mouse
  Cdh8 protein, rat
  CDH9 protein, human
  CDHR1 protein, human
  CDHR3 protein, human
  CDHR5 protein, human
  celsr1a protein, zebrafish
  celsr1b protein, zebrafish
  CELSR1 cadherin, human
  CELSR2 protein, human
  Celsr2 protein, mouse
  Celsr2 protein, rat
  Celsr3 protein, human
  Celsr3 protein, mouse
  Celsr3 protein, rat
  Celsr3 protein, zebrafish
  dachsous protein, Drosophila
  DCHS1b protein, zebrafish
  DCHS1 protein, human
  Dchs1 protein, mouse
  Dchs2 protein, zebrafish
View node Desmosomal Cadherins
  E-cadherin protein, mouse
  EP-cadherin protein, Xenopus
  FAT1 protein, human
  Fat1 protein, zebrafish
  Fat2 protein, Drosophila
  FAT2 protein, human
  fat3 protein, C elegans
  FAT3 protein, human
  Fat3 protein, mouse
  Fat3 protein, rat
  fat3 protein, zebrafish
  FAT4 protein, human
  Fat4 protein, mouse
  Fath protein, mouse
  Fath protein, rat
  FMI-1 protein, C elegans
  fmi1 protein, Xenopus
  HevCaLP protein, Heliothis virescens
  hmr-1 protein, C elegans
  K cadherin
  LvG-cadherin protein, Lytechinus variegatus
  Mucdhl protein, mouse
  Mucdhl protein, rat
  N-cadherin protein, Drosophila
  N-cadherin, rat
  N-cadherin, zebrafish
  NFPC protein, Xenopus
  osteoblast cadherin
  Papc protein, Xenopus
  PCDH10 protein, human
  Pcdh10 protein, mouse
  PCDH11X protein, human
  PCDH11Y protein, human
  PCDH12 protein, human
  Pcdh12 protein, mouse
  Pcdh12 protein, rat
  PCDH15 protein, human
  Pcdh15 protein, mouse
  PCDH15 protein, zebrafish
  PCDH18 protein, human
  PCDH19 protein, human
  Pcdh19 protein, mouse
  PCDH1 protein, human
  Pcdh1 protein, mouse
  PCDH20 protein, human
  Pcdh21 protein, mouse
  Pcdh3 protein, rat
  Pcdh4 protein, rat
  PCDH7 protein, human
  PCDH7 protein, mouse
  PCDH8 protein, human
  Pcdh8 protein, mouse
  Pcdh8 protein, rat
  PCDH9 protein, human
  Pcdha10 protein, mouse
  Pcdha3 protein, rat
  PCDHA6 protein, human
  Pcdha6 protein, mouse
  Pcdha6 protein, rat
  Pcdhalphac2 protein, mouse
  PCDHB11 protein, human
  Pcdhga11 protein, rat
  Pcdhga12 protein, mouse
  PCDHgammaB3 protein, human
  PCDHGB6 protein, human
  PCDHGC3 protein, human
  Pcdhgc3 protein, mouse
  PCLKC protein, human
  PCNS protein, Xenopus
  protocadherin 10 protein, zebrafish
  protocadherin 11 X, mouse
  protocadherin 15, rat
  protocadherin 17, human
  protocadherin-17, zebrafish
  protocadherin-18, zebrafish
  protocadherin-19, zebrafish
  protocadherin 20 protein, mouse
  protocadherin-9, zebrafish
  protocadherin beta16, mouse
  protocadherin gamma A3, human
  shotgun protein, Drosophila
  stan protein, Drosophila
  XB-U-cadherin protein, Xenopus
  XmN-cadherin protein, Xenopus
  XTCAD-1 protein, Xenopus