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Chemical Serpins

Name Serpins
Equivalent Terms Serpin Superfamily | Superfamily, Serpin
Definition A family of serine proteinase inhibitors which are similar in amino acid sequence and mechanism of inhibition, but differ in their specificity toward proteolytic enzymes. This family includes alpha 1-antitrypsin, angiotensinogen, ovalbumin, antiplasmin, alpha 1-antichymotrypsin, thyroxine-binding protein, complement 1 inactivators, antithrombin III, heparin cofactor II, plasminogen inactivators, gene Y protein, placental plasminogen activator inhibitor, and barley Z protein. Some members of the serpin family may be substrates rather than inhibitors of SERINE ENDOPEPTIDASES, and some serpins occur in plants where their function is not known.
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MeSH® ID D015843
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Serpins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  alpha 1-Antichymotrypsin
View node alpha-2-Antiplasmin
View node Angiotensinogen
  antichymotrypsin II
View node Antithrombin Proteins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  BLI-5 protein, C elegans
  Bm-SPN-2 protein, Brugia malayi
  BSZx protein, Hordeum vulgare
View node Complement C1 Inactivator Proteins
  eglin c, Pro 44
  endopin 2
  EP45 protein, Xenopus
View node HSP47 Heat-Shock Proteins
  HongrES1 protein, rat
  interleukin-1beta-converting enzyme inhibitor
  Iris protein, Ixodes ricinus
  LEX 032
  Lici-1 protein, Tachypleus tridentatus
  LICI-2 protein, Tachypleus tridentatus
  LICI-3 protein, Tachypleus tridentatus
  Mcr protein, Drosophila
  mHong1 protein, mouse
  nec protein, Drosophila
View node Ovalbumin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  PAZ1 protein, Hordeum vulgare
  phloem serpin 1
  pigment epithelium-derived factor
View node Plasminogen Inactivators
  pNiXa protein, Xenopus
  raPit5a protein, rat
  serine protease inhibitor Kazal-type 2, mouse
  Serpin1 protein, Arabidopsis
  serpin-28D protein, Drosophila
  SERPINA10 protein, human
  Serpina10 protein, mouse
  Serpina10 protein, rat
  SERPINA11 protein, human
  SERPINA12 protein, human
  SERPINA13 protein, human
  Serpina3k protein, mouse
  Serpina3k protein, rat
  Serpina3n protein, mouse
  Serpina3n protein, rat
  SERPINA3 protein, Bos taurus
  SERPINA3 protein, human
  SERPINA9 protein, human
  SERPINB10 protein, human
  SERPINB11 protein, human
  SERPINB11 protein, mouse
  SERPINB12 protein, human
  SERPINB13 protein, human
  Serpinb13 protein, mouse
  Serpinb1a protein, mouse
  SERPINB1 protein, human
  Serpinb3b protein, mouse
  serpin B6
  Serpinb6b protein, mouse
  Serpinb6c protein, mouse
  Serpinb6d protein, mouse
  Serpinb6e protein, mouse
  SERPINB7 protein, human
  Serpinb7 protein, mouse
  Serpinb7 protein, rat
  SERPINB8 protein, human
  SERPINB9 protein, human
  Serpinb9 protein, mouse
  SERPINBP1 pseudogene, human
  SERPINI2 protein, human
  Serpini2 protein, mouse
  SPI-CI protein, mouse
  Spin2b protein, rat
  Spink5 protein, mouse
  Spn1 protein, Drosophila
  Spn27A protein, Drosophila
  Spn4 protein, Drosophila
  Spn5 protein, Drosophila
  squamous cell carcinoma-related antigen
  SRP-2 protein, C elegans
  SRP-3 protein, C elegans
  srp-6 protein, C elegans
View node Thyroxine-Binding Globulin
View node Transcortin
  trespin protein, rat
View node alpha 1-Antitrypsin Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  uterine luminal fluid proteins
  vaspin protein, mouse
  vaspin protein, rat
  WSZ1 protein, Triticum aestivum
  Zx protein, Hordeum vulgare