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Chemical Interleukin-4

Name Interleukin-4
Equivalent Terms B Cell Growth Factor 1 | B-Cell Growth Factor-1 | B Cell Growth Factor I | B-Cell Growth Factor-I | B Cell Proliferating Factor | B-Cell Proliferating Factor | B Cell Stimulating Factor 1 | B-Cell Stimulating Factor-1 | B Cell Stimulatory Factor 1 | B Cell Stimulatory Factor-1 | B-Cell Stimulatory Factor 1 | B-Cell Stimulatory Factor-1 | BCGF-1 | Binetrakin | BSF-1 | IL4 | IL-4 | Interleukin 4 | Mast Cell Growth Factor 2 | Mast Cell Growth Factor-2 | MCGF-2
CAS Registry Number 207137-56-2
Definition A soluble factor produced by activated T-LYMPHOCYTES that induces the expression of MHC CLASS II GENES and FC RECEPTORS on B-LYMPHOCYTES and causes their proliferation and differentiation. It also acts on T-lymphocytes, MAST CELLS, and several other hematopoietic lineage cells.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D015847
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  DAB(389)-interleukin 4
  diphtheria toxin-related-murine interleukin-4-fusion toxin
  IL-4-PE40 protein, recombinant
  IL4 protein, human
  interleukin 4 (1-129)-PE38KDEL
  interleukin 4 (38-37)-PE38KDEL
  interleukin-4-Pseudomonas exotoxin
  interleukin-4 variant
  Ph8 peptide