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Chemical Endothelial Growth Factors

Name Endothelial Growth Factors
Equivalent Terms alpha Endothelial Growth Factor | alpha-Endothelial Growth Factor | beta Endothelial Growth Factor | beta-Endothelial Growth Factor | ECDGF | Endo-GF | Endothelial Cell Derived Growth Factors | Endothelial Cell-Derived Growth Factors | Endothelial Growth Factor | Endothelial Growth Factor Polypeptides | Growth Factor, alpha-Endothelial | Growth Factor, beta-Endothelial | Growth Factor, Endothelial | Growth Factors, Endothelial
Definition These growth factors are soluble mitogens secreted by a variety of organs. The factors are a mixture of two single chain polypeptides which have affinity to heparin. Their molecular weight are organ and species dependent. They have mitogenic and chemotactic effects and can stimulate endothelial cells to grow and synthesize DNA. The factors are related to both the basic and acidic FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTORS but have different amino acid sequences.
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MeSH® ID D016228
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Endothelial Growth Factors
  EGFL7 protein, human
  EGFL7 protein, rat
  EGFL8 protein, human