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Chemical Chaperonin 60

Name Chaperonin 60
Equivalent Terms GroEL Protein | GroEL Stress Protein | Heat Shock Protein 60 | Heat-Shock Protein 60 | Heat Shock Proteins 60 | Heat-Shock Proteins 60 | hsp60 Family | hsp60 Protein
Definition A group I chaperonin protein that forms the barrel-like structure of the chaperonin complex. It is an oligomeric protein with a distinctive structure of fourteen subunits, arranged in two rings of seven subunits each. The protein was originally studied in BACTERIA where it is commonly referred to as GroEL protein.
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MeSH® ID D018834
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Chaperonin 60
  APL-1 peptide
  DiaPep 277
  heat-shock 60B protein, Drosophila
  heat-shock protein 65, Mycobacterium
  Hsp60C protein, Drosophila
  Hsp60D protein, Drosophila
  HSP60 protein, S cerevisiae
  hsp60 protein, Tetrahymena
  HSPD1 protein, human
  Hspd1 protein, mouse
  Hspd1 protein, rat
  peptide 277, heat shock protein 60