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Chemical Endothelin-1

Name Endothelin-1
Equivalent Terms Big Endothelin | Big Endothelin 1 | Big Endothelin-1 | Endothelin 1 | Endothelin-1, Big | Endothelin, Big | Endothelin Type 1 | Precursor, Proendothelin-1 | Preproendothelin | Preproendothelin 1 | Preproendothelin-1 | Proendothelin (1-38) | Proendothelin 1 Precursor | Proendothelin-1 Precursor
Definition A 21-amino acid peptide produced in a variety of tissues including endothelial and vascular smooth-muscle cells, neurons and astrocytes in the central nervous system, and endometrial cells. It acts as a modulator of vasomotor tone, cell proliferation, and hormone production. (N Eng J Med 1995;333(6):356-63)
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MeSH® ID D019332
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  Alexa532-endothelin 1
  C-terminal proendothelin-1
  edn1 protein, zebrafish
  endothelin-1 (1-21)
  endothelin-1 (1-21), (Cys,Acm(1,15),Aib(3,11),Leu(7))-
  endothelin-1 (1-31)
  endothelin-1, Aba(1,15)-
  endothelin-1, (Aib(1,3,11,15),Nle(7))-
  endothelin-1, Ala(10)-
  endothelin-1, Cys(Acm)(1,15)-Ala(3)-Leu(7)-Aib(11)-
  endothelin-1, formylTrp(21)-
  endothelin-1, lysyl(-2)-arginyl(-1)-
  endothelin-1, Pen(1,11)-Nle(7)-Ala(18)-
  endothelin-1, Pen(1,11)-Nle(7)-Asn(18)-
  endothelin-1, Phe(16)-
  endothelin-1, Thr(18)-Cha(19)-
  endothelin-1, Thr(18)-Leu(19)-
  proendothelin 1