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Chemical Interleukin-17

Name Interleukin-17
Equivalent Terms CTLA8 | CTLA-8 | CX2, Cytokine | Cytokine CX2 | Cytokine ML 1 | Cytokine ML-1 | Cytotoxic T lymphocyte Associated Antigen 8 | Cytotoxic T lymphocyte-Associated Antigen 8 | IL-17 | IL-17A | IL-17B | IL-17C | IL 17E | IL-17E | IL-17F | Interleukin 17 | Interleukin 17A | Interleukin-17A | Interleukin 17B | Interleukin-17B | Interleukin 17C | Interleukin-17C | Interleukin 17E | Interleukin-17E | Interleukin 17F | Interleukin-17F | Interleukin 25 | Interleukin-25
Definition A proinflammatory cytokine produced primarily by T-LYMPHOCYTES or their precursors. Several subtypes of interleukin-17 have been identified, each of which is a product of a unique gene.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D020381
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  IL17A protein, human
  Il17a protein, mouse
  IL17B protein, human
  Il17b protein, mouse
  Il17b protein, rat
  IL17C protein, human
  Il17c protein, mouse
  IL17D protein, human
  Il17d protein, mouse
  IL17F protein, human
  Il17f protein, mouse
  Il17f protein, rat
  IL17 protein, rat
  IL25 protein, human