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Chemical Tissue Kallikreins

Name Tissue Kallikreins
Equivalent Terms Glandular Kallikrein | Glandular Kallikrein 1 | Glandular Kallikrein-1 | Glandular Kallikreins, Human | hK1 Kallikrein | hK2 Kallikrein | Human Glandular Kallikrein 1 | Human Glandular Kallikrein 2 | Human Glandular Kallikreins | Kallikrein 1 | Kallikrein-1, Glandular | Kallikrein 2 | Kallikrein, Glandular | Kallikrein, hK1 | Kallikrein, hK2 | Kallikrein, Pancreatic | Kallikrein, Prostate Specific | Kallikreins, Human Glandular | Kallikreins, Tissue | Kallikrein, Tissue | Kallikrein, Urinary | Pancreatic Kallikrein | Prostate Specific Kallikrein | Specific Kallikrein, Prostate | Tissue Kallikrein | Urinary Kallikrein
Definition A family of trypsin-like SERINE ENDOPEPTIDASES that are expressed in a variety of cell types including human prostate epithelial cells. They are formed from tissue prokallikrein by action with TRYPSIN. They are highly similar to PROSTATE-SPECIFIC ANTIGEN.
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MeSH® ID D020840
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Tissue Kallikreins
  blarina toxin, Blarina brevicauda
  Klk13 protein, mouse
  KLKP1 protein, human
  mK1 protein, mouse