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Chemical Neuregulin-1

Name Neuregulin-1
Equivalent Terms Differentiation Factor, neu | GGF Protein | Glial Growth Factor | Heregulin | NDF Protein | neu Differentiation Factor | Neuregulin 1 | NRG1 Protein
Definition A peptide factor originally identified by its ability to stimulate the phosphorylation the erbB-2 receptor (RECEPTOR, ERBB-2). It is a ligand for the erbB-3 receptor (RECEPTOR, ERBB-3) and the erbB-4 receptor. Variant forms of NEUREGULIN-1 occur through alternative splicing of its mRNA.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D020890
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  heregulin alpha
  heregulin beta1
  heregulin beta 1 (177-244)
  heregulin beta1-exotoxin
  heregulin beta (212-226)
  neuregulin beta
  NRG1 protein, Gallus gallus
  NRG1 protein, human
  Nrg1 protein, mouse
  Nrg1 protein, rat
  pro-neuregulin-alpha2C, rat