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Chemical Receptor, ErbB-3

Name Receptor, ErbB-3
Equivalent Terms c-ErbB-2, Proto-oncogene-like Protein | c erbB 3 Protein | c-erbB-3 Protein | c-erbB-3, Proto-Oncogene Protein | erbB 3 Protein | erbB-3 Protein | erbB-3, Proto-Oncogene Protein | erbB-3, Proto-Oncogene Proteins | ErbB-3 Receptor | HER 3 Proto Oncogene Protein | HER-3 Proto-Oncogene Protein | Protein c-ErbB-2, Proto-oncogene-like | Proto oncogene like Protein c ErbB 2 | Proto-oncogene-like Protein c-ErbB-2 | Proto Oncogene Protein c erbB 3 | Proto-Oncogene Protein c-erbB-3 | Proto Oncogene Protein erbB 3 | Proto-Oncogene Protein erbB-3 | Proto-Oncogene Protein, HER-3 | Proto Oncogene Proteins erbB 3 | Proto-Oncogene Proteins erbB-3 | Receptor, ErbB 3 | Tyrosine Kinase type Cell Surface Receptor HER3 | Tyrosine Kinase-type Cell Surface Receptor HER3
Definition A cell surface protein-tyrosine kinase receptor that is specific for NEUREGULINS. It has extensive homology to and can heterodimerize with the EGF RECEPTOR and the ERBB-2 RECEPTOR. Overexpression of the erbB-3 receptor is associated with TUMORIGENESIS.
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MeSH® ID D020893
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Receptor, ErbB-3
  ERBB3 protein, human
  ErbB3 protein, mouse
  Erbb3 protein, rat
  MDA-BF-1, human