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Chemical HMGB1 Protein

Name HMGB1 Protein
Equivalent Terms Amphoterin | Box Protein 1, High Mobility Group | FM1 Gene Product | Heparin Binding Protein p30 | Heparin-Binding Protein p30 | HMG1 | HMG 1 Protein | HMG-1 Protein | HMGB1 | p30, Heparin-Binding Protein
Definition A 24-kDa HMGB protein that binds to and distorts the minor grove of DNA.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D024243
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HMGB1 Protein
  Hbp1 protein, rat
  HMGB1 protein, Arabidopsis
  HMGB1 protein, human
  HMGB1 protein, mouse
  HMGc1 protein, Zea mays
  HMGc2 protein, Zea mays