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Chemical Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins

Name Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Equivalent Terms Growth Factors | Paracrine Peptide Factors | Paracrine Protein Factors | Peptide Factors, Paracrine
Definition Regulatory proteins and peptides that are signaling molecules involved in the process of PARACRINE COMMUNICATION. They are generally considered factors that are expressed by one cell and are responded to by receptors on another nearby cell. They are distinguished from HORMONES in that their actions are local rather than distal.
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MeSH® ID D036341
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Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
View node Adipokines Has associated genes Has associated diseases
View node Agouti-Related Protein
View node Agouti Signaling Protein
  AMOT protein, human
  Amot protein, mouse
  Amot protein, rat
View node Angiogenic Proteins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
View node Apelin
  apelin-12 peptide
  apelin-13, Ala(13)-
  apelin-13 peptide
  apelin 13, Pyr(1)-
  apelin 17 peptide, human
  apelin protein, Xenopus
View node B7 Antigens
  bone lysine-rich 18 kDa protein, Bos taurus
  CBD3 peptide
  CCDC80 protein, human
  Ccdc80 protein, mouse
  CCDC80 protein, zebrafish
View node CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins
  CECR1 protein, human
  cerberus protein, Xenopus
  CFC1 protein, human
  Cfc1 protein, mouse
  chemerin15 peptide, mouse
  chemerin protein, human
  chemerin protein, mouse
  chemerin protein, rat
  Cktsf1b1 protein, mouse
  Cktsf1b1 protein, Xenopus
  CLE42 protein, Arabidopsis
  CLE6 protein, Arabidopsis
  collapsin response mediator protein-2
View node Cytokines Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  DAND5 protein, human
  derriere protein, Xenopus
  dickkopf-1 protein, rat
  DKK1 protein, human
  Dkk1 protein, mouse
  dkk1 protein, Xenopus
  dkk1 protein, zebrafish
  DKK2 protein, human
  Dkk2 protein, mouse
  DKK2 protein, zebrafish
  DKK3 protein, human
  Dkk3 protein, mouse
  Dkk3 protein, rat
  DKK4 protein, human
  Dkk4 protein, mouse
  Dkk4 protein, rat
  DKKL1 protein, human
  DLK1 protein, human
  Dlk1 protein, mouse
  Dlk1 protein, rat
  Dlk2 protein, mouse
  DLL1 protein, Xenopus
  DLL4 protein, human
  draxin protein, mouse
  Dte protein, mouse
View node EGF Family of Proteins
  EGFL9 protein, mouse
  Egl-17 protein, C elegans
View node Endothelial Growth Factors
View node Endothelins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
View node Ephrins
  FGFBP1 protein, human
View node Fibroblast Growth Factors
  FRZA protein, Xenopus
  granulin 1
  granulin 2
  granulin 3
  granulin 4
  granulin precursor protein
  GREM1 protein, human
  Grem1 protein, mouse
  GREM2 protein, human
  gremlin 2 protein, zebrafish
  GRN protein, human
  Grn protein, mouse
  Grn protein, rat
  growth arrest-specific protein 6
View node Hedgehog Proteins
  hepassocin protein, zebrafish
  hepatocyte growth factor-like protein, Xenopus
  hepatoma-derived growth factor
  hepatoma-derived growth factor-related protein-3, rat
  IL-1ra-Fc-IL-18bp fusion protein
  ILP3 protein, Drosophila
  INSL4 protein, human
  INSL6 protein, human
  insulin-like peptide 8, Drosophila
  interleukin-18 binding protein
  intraovarian peptides
View node Kinins Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  LECT1 protein, human
  Lect1 protein, mouse
  Lect1 protein, rat
  LECT2 protein, Bos taurus
  LECT2 protein, human
  Lect2 protein, mouse
  lens epithelium-derived growth factor
  leukemia growth-promoting factor
  mammary-derived growth factor 1
  MAU2 protein, human
  mesenchyme-derived growth factor
  METRN protein, human
  MGF protein, chicken
  midkine protein, mouse
  mollusk-derived growth factor
  monocytic differentiation factor P48
  myxoma virus growth factor
  NENF protein, human
  nephroblastoma overexpressed protein, rat
View node Nerve Growth Factors Has associated genes Has associated diseases
  NLRC3 protein, human
  NLRC3 protein, mouse
  OGN protein, human
  Ogn protein, mouse
  Ogn protein, rat
  osteogenic growth peptide
  pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor II, rat
View node Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein
  PDAP1 protein, human
View node Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
  plerocercoid growth factor
  Plf protein, mouse
  ppan protein, Drosophila
  Prdc protein, zebrafish
  progranulin A, zebrafish
  progranulin B, zebrafish
  Retnla protein, mouse
  RETNLB protein, human
  RFNG protein, human
  RIFL protein, mouse
  R-spondin2 protein, human
  R-spondin 2 protein, zebrafish
  salusin-beta, rat
  Scube1 protein, mouse
  Scube2 protein, mouse
View node Semaphorins
View node Serrate-Jagged Proteins
  SFRP1 protein, human
  Sfrp1 protein, mouse
  Sfrp1 protein, rat
  Sfrp5 protein, mouse
  Sfrp5 protein, zebrafish
  shifted protein, Drosophila
  Shv protein, Drosophila
  Slit homolog 2 protein
View node Somatomedins
  STC2 protein, human
  SVH-1 protein, C elegans
  TDGF1 protein, human
  tdgf1 protein, Xenopus
View node TGF-beta Superfamily Proteins
  tissue PA-herstatin adenovirus fusion protein
View node Tolloid-Like Metalloproteinases
  TOR2A protein, human
View node Transforming Growth Factors
  Tsukushi protein, human
  tsukushi protein, mouse
  ULBP2 protein, human
  ULBP3 protein, human
  Wif1 protein, mouse
  Wif1 protein, rat
  Wnt8a protein, mouse
View node Wnt Proteins
  xP1 protein, Xenopus
  xP4 protein, Xenopus