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Chemical Ephrin-A1

Name Ephrin-A1
Equivalent Terms B61 Secreted Protein, Endothelium | Eck Ligand | Eck RPTK Ligand | Endothelium Secreted Protein B61 | Ephrin A1 | Epl1 Protein | EPLG1 | LERK 1 Protein | LERK-1 Protein | Ligand, Eck | RPTK Ligand, Eck
Definition An ephrin that was originally identified as the product of an early response gene induced by TUMOR NECROSIS FACTORS. It is linked to the CELL MEMBRANE via a GLYCOINOSITOL PHOSPHOLIPID MEMBRANE ANCHOR and binds EPHA2 RECEPTOR with high affinity. During embryogenesis high levels of ephrin-A1 are expressed in LUNG; KIDNEY; SALIVARY GLANDS; and INTESTINE.
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MeSH® ID D036382
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  ephrin A1-Fc fusion protein, recombinant