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Chemical Ephrin-B1

Name Ephrin-B1
Equivalent Terms Cek5 Ligand | Cek5 RPTK Ligand | EFNB1 Gene Product | elk Ligand | Elk L Protein | Elk-L Protein | Eph Family Receptor Interacting Protein B1 | Ephrin B1 | LERK 2 Protein | LERK-2 Protein | Ligand, Cek5 | Ligand, Cek5 RPTK | Ligand, elk | RPTK Ligand, Cek5
Definition A transmembrane domain containing ephrin that is specific for EPHB1 RECEPTOR; EPHB2 RECEPTOR and EPHB3 RECEPTOR. It is widely expressed in a variety of developing and adult tissues.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D036387
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  EFNB1 protein, human
  Efnb1 protein, mouse