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Chemical Semaphorins

Name Semaphorins
Equivalent Terms Class 1 Semaphorins | Class 2 Semaphorins | Class 3 Semaphorins | Class 4 Semaphorins | Class 5 Semaphorins | Class 6 Semaphorins | Class 7 Semaphorins | Class V Semaphorins | Sema 1 | Semaphorin | Semaphorin 1 | Semaphorin-1 | Semaphorin 2 | Semaphorin-2 | Semaphorin 3 | Semaphorin-3 | Semaphorin 4 | Semaphorin-4 | Semaphorin 5 | Semaphorin-5 | Semaphorin 6 | Semaphorin-6 | Semaphorin 7 | Semaphorin-7 | Semaphorins, Class 1 | Semaphorins, Class 2 | Semaphorins, Class 3 | Semaphorins, Class 4 | Semaphorins, Class 5 | Semaphorins, Class 6 | Semaphorins, Class 7 | Semaphorins, Class V | Semaphorin V | Semaphorin-V
Definition A family of proteins that mediate AXONAL GUIDANCE. Semaphorins act as repulsive cues for neuronal GROWTH CONES and bind to receptors on their filopodia. At least 20 different molecules have been described and divided into eight classes based on domain organization and species of origin. Classes 1 and 2 are invertebrate, classes 3-7 are vertebrate, and class V are viral. Semaphorins may be secreted (classes 2, 3, and V), transmembrane (classes 1, 4, 5, and 6), or membrane-anchored (class 7). All semaphorins possess a common 500-amino acid extracellular domain which is critical for receptor binding and specificity, and is also found in plexins and scatter factor receptors. Their C termini are class-specific and may contain additional sequence motifs.
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MeSH® ID D039961
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  CD100 antigen
  Sema3a1 protein, zebrafish
  SEMA3B protein, human
  Sema3b protein, mouse
  Sema3C protein, human
  Sema3D protein, human
  Sema 3D protein, mouse
  Sema3D protein, rat
  sema3d protein, zebrafish
  SEMA3E protein, human
  Sema3E protein, zebrafish
  SEMA4A protein, human
  Sema4A protein, mouse
  Sema4c protein, human
  Sema4c protein, mouse
  Sema4C protein, rat
  Sema4d protein, mouse
  Sema4g protein, mouse
  Sema5A protein, mouse
  Sema-5c protein, Drosophila
  SEMA6A protein, human
  Sema6a protein, mouse
  Sema6a protein, zebrafish
  SEMA6B protein, human
  Sema6b protein, mouse
  SEMA6C protein, human
  Sema6c protein, mouse
  Sema6c protein, rat
  Sema6d protein, mouse
  SEMA7A protein, human
  Sema7a protein, mouse
  semaphorin 1a, Drosophila
  semaphorin 3A lytic peptide
  semaphorin 3C protein, mouse
  Semaphorin 3E, chicken
  semaphorin 3G, human
  semaphorin 3G, mouse
  semaphorin 4B, human
  semaphorin 4B, mouse
  semaphorin 4E, zebrafish
  semaphorin 6a protein, rat
  semaphorin 6D, zebrafish
  semaphorin 7A protein, rat
View node Semaphorin-3A
  semaphorin Z8