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Chemical Angiopoietins

Name Angiopoietins
Definition A family of structurally-related angiogenic proteins of approximately 70 kDa in size. They have high specificity for members of the TIE RECEPTOR FAMILY.
Curation Status No associations have been curated for this chemical yet.
MeSH® ID D042682
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View node Angiopoietin-1
View node Angiopoietin-2
  angiopoietin 4
  angiopoietin-like protein 8, mouse
  Angpt4 protein, mouse
  ANGPTL1 protein, human
  Angptl1 protein, mouse
  Angptl1 protein, zebrafish
  ANGPTL2 protein, human
  Angptl2 protein, mouse
  Angptl2 protein, zebrafish
  ANGPTL3 protein, human
  Angptl3 protein, mouse
  ANGPTL3 protein, zebrafish
  ANGPTL4 protein, human
  Angptl4 protein, mouse
  ANGPTL4 protein, rat
  Angptl4 protein, zebrafish
  ANGPTL5 protein, human
  ANGPTL6 protein, human
  Angptl6 protein, mouse
  Angptl6 protein, zebrafish
  ANGPTL7 protein, human
  ANGPTL7 protein, mouse