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Chemical Wnt Proteins

Name Wnt Proteins
Equivalent Terms Wingless Type Proteins | Wnt Factors
Definition Wnt proteins are a large family of secreted glycoproteins that play essential roles in EMBRYONIC AND FETAL DEVELOPMENT, and tissue maintenance. They bind to FRIZZLED RECEPTORS and act as PARACRINE PROTEIN FACTORS to initiate a variety of SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS. The canonical Wnt signaling pathway stabilizes the transcriptional coactivator BETA CATENIN.
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MeSH® ID D051153
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Wnt Proteins
  CWN-1 protein, C elegans
  CWN-2 protein, C elegans
  Fam53b protein, mouse
View node Wnt1 Protein
View node Wnt2 Protein
  WNT10A protein, human
  Wnt10a protein, mouse
  Wnt-10a protein, Pleurodeles waltl
  Wnt10a protein, rat
  Wnt10a protein, zebrafish
  WNT10B protein, human
  Wnt10b protein, mouse
  Wnt10b protein, rat
  wnt10b protein, zebrafish
  Wnt10 protein, Drosophila
  Wnt11 protein, human
  Wnt11 protein, mouse
  Wnt11 protein, rat
  wnt-11 protein, Xenopus
  Wnt11 protein, zebrafish
  Wnt11-R protein, Xenopus
  WNT16 protein, human
  Wnt16 protein, mouse
  wnt16 protein, zebrafish
  WNT2A protein, mouse
  WNT2B protein, human
  Wnt2b protein, mouse
  Wnt2b protein, rat
  wnt2b protein, zebrafish
View node Wnt3A Protein
View node Wnt3 Protein
View node Wnt4 Protein
  Wnt4 protein, Drosophila
View node Wnt-5a Protein
  Wnt-5B protein, Ambystoma mexicanum
  WNT5B protein, human
  Wnt5b protein, mouse
  Wnt5b protein, rat
  Wnt5 protein, Drosophila
  Wnt-5 protein, Halocynthia roretzi
  Wnt-5 protein, sea urchin
  Wnt6 protein, Drosophila
  WNT6 protein, human
  Wnt6 protein, mouse
  Wnt6 protein, rat
  Wnt6 protein, Xenopus
  WNT7A protein, Gallus gallus
  WNT7A protein, human
  Wnt7a protein, mouse
  Wnt7a protein, rat
  WNT7B protein, human
  Wnt7b protein, mouse
  Wnt7b protein, rat
  WNT8A protein, human
  wnt8a protein, Xenopus
  wnt8a protein, zebrafish
  WNT8B protein, human
  Wnt8b protein, mouse
  Wnt8b protein, Xenopus
  wnt8b protein, zebrafish
  WNT9A protein, human
  Wnt9a protein, mouse
  Wnt-9a protein, rat
  Wnt9a protein, zebrafish
  WNT9B protein, human
  Wnt9b protein, mouse
  WNT9B protein, rat
  Wnt9b protein, zebrafish
  Xwnt7B protein, Xenopus