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Chemical B-Cell Activating Factor

Name B-Cell Activating Factor
Equivalent Terms Activating Factor, B-Cell | Activating Factor, B-Lymphocyte | Antigen, CD257 | Antigens, CD257 | BAFF Ligand | B Cell Activating Factor | B Lymphocyte Activating Factor | B-Lymphocyte Activating Factor | B Lymphocyte Stimulator | BLyS Protein | CD257 Antigen | CD257 Antigens | TALL 1 Protein | TALL-1 Protein | THANK Protein | TNF and APOL Related Leukocyte Expressed Ligand 1 | TNF and APOL-Related Leukocyte Expressed Ligand 1 | TNFSF13B Protein | TNF Superfamily, Member 13b | Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 13b
Definition A tumor necrosis factor superfamily member that plays a role in the regulation of B-LYMPHOCYTE survival. It occurs as a membrane-bound protein that is cleaved to release an biologically active soluble form with specificity to TRANSMEMBRANE ACTIVATOR AND CAML INTERACTOR PROTEIN; B-CELL ACTIVATION FACTOR RECEPTOR; and B-CELL MATURATION ANTIGEN.
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MeSH® ID D053264
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B-Cell Activating Factor
  BAFF protein, Xenopus
  rGel-BLyS fusion toxin
  TNFSF13B protein, human
  Tnfsf13b protein, mouse