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Chemical Lymphotoxin alpha1, beta2 Heterotrimer

Name Lymphotoxin alpha1, beta2 Heterotrimer
Equivalent Terms alpha1beta2, Lymphotoxin | alphabeta Heterotrimer, Lymphotoxin | Heterotrimer, Lymphotoxin alphabeta | Lymphotoxin alpha1beta2 | Lymphotoxin alphabeta | Lymphotoxin alphabeta Heterotrimer
Definition A heterotrimer complex consisting of one molecule of LYMPHOTOXIN-ALPHA and two molecules of the LYMPHOTOXIN-BETA. It is anchored to the cell surface via the transmembrane domains of the lymphotoxin-beta component and has specificity for the LYMPHOTOXIN BETA RECEPTOR. The lymphotoxin alpha1, beta2 heterotrimer plays a role in regulating lymphoid ORGANOGENESIS and the differentiation of certain subsets of NATURAL KILLER CELLS.
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MeSH® ID D053361
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