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Disease Ear Diseases

These are exposure studies associated with the disease and all of its children.

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  Reference Associated Study Title Author's Summary Study Factors Stressor Receptors Country Medium Exposure Marker Measurements Outcome
1. Dallaire F, et al. (2004). These results show a possible association between prenatal exposure to organochlorines and acute infections early in life in this Inuit population. 2,4,5,2',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl | Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene | Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Infants or newborns | Mothers Canada plasma 2,4,5,2',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl | Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene | Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Details Gastrointestinal Diseases | Otitis Media | Respiratory Tract Infections
2. Sanders AP, et al. (2014). In the present study we examined private well water levels of arsenic, cadmium, manganese, and lead across North Carolina, and used a semi-ecologic study design to estimate the association between metal levels and specific birth defect phenotypes. Arsenic | Cadmium | Lead | Manganese Infants or newborns United States Arsenic | Cadmium | Lead | Manganese Details Cleft Lip | Congenital Microtia | Conotruncal cardiac defects | Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome | Pyloric Stenosis
3. Bluhm EC, et al. (2007). There was little consistent evidence for an association of synthetic hair dye use with glioma, meningioma, or acoustic neuroma; however, prolonged use of dark-colored permanent dyes warrants further investigation given the high prevalence of hair dyeing. Hair Dyes Subjects with disease:Glioma | Subjects with disease:Meningioma | Subjects with disease:Neuroma, Acoustic United States Details Glioma | Meningioma | Neuroma, Acoustic
4. Crawford JM, et al. (2008). Agricultural Health Study (AHS) Although control for exposure to noise or other neurotoxicants was limited, this study extends previous reports suggesting that organophosphate exposure increases risk of hearing loss. Organophosphates Workers United States Details Hearing Loss
1–4 of 4 results.