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Disease Epidermal Cyst

Name Epidermal Cyst
Synonyms Cyst, Epidermal | Cyst, Epidermoid | Cyst, Pilar | Cyst, Sebaceous | Cysts, Epidermal | Cysts, Epidermoid | Cysts, Pilar | Cysts, Sebaceous | Epidermal Cysts | Epidermoid Cyst | Epidermoid Cysts | Pilar Cyst | Pilar Cysts | Sebaceous Cyst | Sebaceous Cysts
Definition Intradermal or subcutaneous saclike structure, the wall of which is stratified epithelium containing keratohyalin granules.
Categories Cancer
MeSH® ID D004814

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Epidermal Cyst
  FLOTCH syndrome
  Follicular Atrophoderma, Perioral Pigmented, with Milia and Epidermoid Cysts
  Trichilemmal Cyst 1