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Disease Foot Deformities, Acquired

Name Foot Deformities, Acquired
Synonyms Acquired Foot Deformities | Acquired Foot Deformity | Deformities, Acquired Foot | Deformity, Acquired Foot | Foot Deformity, Acquired
Definition Distortion or disfigurement of the foot, or a part of the foot, acquired through disease or injury after birth.
Categories Musculoskeletal disease
MeSH® ID D005531

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DiseasesMusculoskeletal Diseases Has associated chemicals Has associated genes Has associated exposure references Foot Deformities Has associated chemicals Has associated genes Foot Deformities, Acquired

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Foot Deformities, Acquired
  Bunion, Tailor's
  Equinus Deformity
  Hallux Limitus
  Hallux Rigidus