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Disease Zenker Diverticulum

Name Zenker Diverticulum
Synonyms Diverticula, Esophago-Pharyngeal | Diverticula, Pharyngeal | Diverticula, Pharyngoesophageal | Diverticula, Pharyngo-Esophageal | Diverticula, Pharyngoesophageal Pulsion | Diverticula, Zenker's | Diverticulum, Esophagopharyngeal | Diverticulum, Esophago-Pharyngeal | Diverticulum, Pharyngeal | Diverticulum, Pharyngoesophageal | Diverticulum, Pharyngo-Esophageal | Diverticulum, Pharyngoesophageal Pulsion | Diverticulums, Esophagopharyngeal | Diverticulum, Zenker | Diverticulum, Zenker's | Esophago Pharyngeal Diverticula | Esophago-Pharyngeal Diverticula | Esophagopharyngeal Diverticulum | Esophago Pharyngeal Diverticulum | Esophago-Pharyngeal Diverticulum | Esophagopharyngeal Diverticulums | Pharyngeal Diverticula | Pharyngeal Diverticulum | Pharyngoesophageal Diverticula | Pharyngo Esophageal Diverticula | Pharyngo-Esophageal Diverticula | Pharyngoesophageal Diverticulum | Pharyngo Esophageal Diverticulum | Pharyngo-Esophageal Diverticulum | Pharyngoesophageal Pulsion Diverticula | Pharyngoesophageal Pulsion Diverticulum | Pulsion Diverticula, Pharyngoesophageal | Pulsion Diverticulum, Pharyngoesophageal | Zenker Diverticula | Zenker's Diverticula | Zenkers Diverticula | Zenker's Diverticulum | Zenkers Diverticulum
Definition A DIVERTICULUM at the upper end of the ESOPHAGUS through the cricopharyngeal muscle at the junction of the PHARYNX and the esophagus.
Categories Pathology (anatomical condition)
MeSH® ID D016672

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