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Disease Hammer Toe Syndrome

Name Hammer Toe Syndrome
Synonyms Clawtoe | Claw Toe | Clawtoes | Claw Toes | Hammer Toe | Hammer Toes | Hammertoe Syndrome | Mallet Toe | Mallet Toes | Toe, Claw | Toe, Hammer | Toe, Mallet | Toes, Claw | Toes, Hammer | Toes, Mallet
Definition A condition characterized by a series of interrelated digital symptoms and joint changes of the lesser digits and METATARSOPHALANGEAL JOINTS of the FOOT. The syndrome can include some or all of the following conditions: hammer toe, claw toe, mallet toe, overlapping fifth toe, curly toe, EXOSTOSIS; HYPEROSTOSIS; interdigital heloma, or contracted toe.
Categories Musculoskeletal disease
MeSH® ID D037801

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