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Disease Delusional Parasitosis

Name Delusional Parasitosis
Synonyms Delusional Parasitoses | Delusional Parasitoses, Ekbom | Delusional Parasitosis, Ekbom | Delusion, Dermatozoic | Delusion, Ekbom Dermatozoic | Delusions, Dermatozoic | Delusions, Ekbom Dermatozoic | Delusory Parasitoses | Delusory Parasitoses, Ekbom | Delusory Parasitosis | Delusory Parasitosis, Ekbom | Dermatozoic Delusion | Dermatozoic Delusion, Ekbom | Dermatozoic Delusions | Dermatozoic Delusions, Ekbom | Ekbom Delusional Parasitoses | Ekbom Delusional Parasitosis | Ekbom Delusory Parasitoses | Ekbom Delusory Parasitosis | Ekbom Dermatozoic Delusion | Ekbom Dermatozoic Delusions | Ekbom Psychogenic Parasitoses | Ekbom Psychogenic Parasitosis | Parasitoses, Delusional | Parasitoses, Delusory | Parasitoses, Ekbom Delusional | Parasitoses, Ekbom Delusory | Parasitoses, Ekbom Psychogenic | Parasitoses, Psychogenic | Parasitosis, Delusional | Parasitosis, Delusory | Parasitosis, Ekbom Delusional | Parasitosis, Ekbom Delusory | Parasitosis, Ekbom Psychogenic | Parasitosis, Psychogenic | Psychogenic Parasitoses | Psychogenic Parasitoses, Ekbom | Psychogenic Parasitosis | Psychogenic Parasitosis, Ekbom
Definition A delusional disorder of belief in infestation by insects or other parasites. This FORMICATION is typically accompanied by dermatological manifestation such as PRURITUS that may lead to self-mutilation in order to remove the perceived parasites. It can be either primary or secondary to a somatic or psychiatric condition.
Categories Mental disorder
MeSH® ID D063726

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