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Reference Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Chinese nickel-exposed workers.

Authors Yang AM, Bai YN, Pu HQ, Zheng TZ, Cheng N, Li JS, Li HY, Zhang YW, Ding J, Su H, Ren XW, Hu XB.
Institution College of Earth and Environmental Science, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, China; School of Public Health, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, China.
Citation Biomed Environ Sci. 2014 Jun;27(6):475-7.
DOI ID 10.3967/bes2014.077
PubMed® ID 24961859
Review Status Is curated Curated.
Abstract The prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS) was investigated in Chinese nickel-exposed workers. A total of 35 104 subjects were enrolled in this study. The age-adjusted prevalence of MS, BMI⋝25, diabetes, hypertension, and abnormal lipid was 13.9%, 29.5%, 12.8%, 27.5%, and 47.1%, respectively. The prevalence of BMI⋝25, hyperglycemia, and hypertension increased with the age of males and females, and was higher in males than in females (37.1% vs 21.5%, 15.9% vs 12.1%, 35.0% vs 24.3%, 54.3% vs 40.4%).