DiseaseComps are the diseases with the most comparable sets of interacting chemicals and genes as the page's subject disease. This approach allows disorders to be classified in a novel manner without regard or restrictions to histology or tissue of origin.

Comps are computed using six different methods:

  1. Via direct chemical associations.
  2. Via direct chemical marker associations.
  3. Via direct chemical therapeutic associations.
  4. Via direct gene associations.
  5. Via direct gene marker associations.
  6. Via direct gene therapeutic associations.

Similarity Index

Similarity (or comparability) is measured by the Jaccard index—the size of the intersection of interacting chemicals or genes for disease A and disease B divided by the size of the union of those chemicals or genes:
Jaccard Index formula: A∩B / A∪B


The disease with comparable interacting chemical or gene sets as the page's subject disease.

Common Interacting Chemicals/Genes

You may view the common interacting chemicals or genes between the page's subject disease and a disease of interest by clicking a link in this column. This link will take you to results generated using VennViewer tool.

The common interacting chemicals/genes are also included in the downloadable files.


Save these data into a comma-separated values (CSV), Excel, XML, or tab-separated values (TSV) file by clicking a Download link at the bottom of the table.