The Exposure Details query is used to retrieve CTD–curated exposure statement information. CTD contains exposure–related information for chemicals, diseases, phenotypes, and genes and proteins of interest, as well as a number of other categories of information.

For each Exposure Statement the following information is available:

Report Content

You may customize your report output by selecting individual columns for display using the checkboxes provided. To set your display to the CTD-defined report default format, press the Set to Default Fields button. Once you are ready to resubmit your report, press the Resubmit button. To collapse the report customization features, press the Collapse button; to redisplay the report customization features, press the Specify Report Fields button.


Sort these data differently by clicking a column heading.


Save these data into a comma-separated values (CSV), Excel, XML, or tab-separated values (TSV) file by clicking a Download link at the bottom of the table.