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Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals are associated with lung cancer?

  1. Perform a disease keyword search for lung cancer.
  2. From the results list, either click on the chemical icon next to the disease name to go directly to the Chemicals tab for that disease, or select the disease name Lung Neoplasms from the results list.
  3. If you selected Lung Neoplasms from the results list, click on the Chemicals tab of the Lung Neoplasms disease page.
  4. The results list contains the chemical name, disease (either the subject of the detail page or one of its descendants), chemical–disease relationship, and a link to the source reference(s) for the disease relationship. By default, results are presented alphabetically by chemical name. Curated therapeutic relationships or marker/molecular mechanism relationships are indicated in bold under the Direct Evidence column. Inferred relationships are established via curated chemical–gene interactions (e.g., chemical A is associated with disease B because chemical A has a curated interaction with gene C, and gene C has a curated relationship with disease B). Inferred relationships specify the gene symbol of the gene involved in the curated chemical–gene interaction. Click on the column headers to sort the results.